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Válasz 06.07.06. 13:59 #5668
De ez nem éppen Afroman.

Ja, egyébként: Swollen members - Watch this
i tell it like it is, cause im a bold figure
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Válasz 06.07.06. 10:47 #5667

Artist: Afu-Ra
Song: Equality

Slow down, don't rush
I'm here to keep the peace but I'm prepared to say, ay
Slow down, don't rush
I'm here to keep the peace but I'm prepared, now I say

Yeah, I pledge allegiance to the hip-hop
Yeah, I pledge allegiance to it nonstop
What, I pledge allegiance to the hip-hop
Yeah, I pledge allegiance to it nonstop

Meditation, equality, it keeps me level headed, the men-tal-ity
Cool, calm, posignatic with suggestion
Never stressin, heat chambers never sweatin
Honeys cryin, 'cause her man she caught cheatin
Mothers eyein, sons cut down like bushes
Daddys sicker than the land lord, just evicted
Stressed to death, month to month until he kicked it
I seen ya hustlin on the dark streets, the mental
Look what you been through, you just escaped reality
Now what ya into, is just a technicality
Check it, deep inside of my head like T.V.
The lifestyle I live so crooked you won't believe me
Lessons learned that I could walk a tight rope
Even though I toke and choke, don't provoke
Uh, now you can call me Afu-rastahood
'Cause I rob from the rich and I give to the good
Even though it's for the money B, I'm droppin dollars G
Straight shots in the head, peep the summary
Wake up in the mornin got me yearnin for food
Yeah, yeah what, huh, I'm that type a dude
Pledge allegiance, pay attention, payin homage
So much time held in my hand, none for college (college)

Hey Afu, hey Afu, hey Afu, hey Afu
(Bridge 2)
Slow down, don't rush,
I'm here to keep the peace but I'm prepared to bust
They wanna cut my meditation with their crooked laws
Say I can't hold a bong and smoke my la
If it's war that they want we already are registered
The king, it is he, who defends me
So when it's time for the showdown
We'll march in the soldiers Babylon, get throwed down
When the war is over we run up the whole town
And my spliff will stay lit from sun up to sun down
Ay, Afu

(Bridge 1)

Stimulating, verses like blood working
Paper hits the pen like the needle to ya skin
Blow ya blood up, Xena, hero-in
More contagious than sex (sex), nobody flex
Dangerous minds, little kids throw gang signs
Treacherous times, too many can't press rewind
Stress the elevation, wrap my thoughts like a mummy
It's funny, how sometimes some smart one's a dummy
Scorin a million, forget the S.A.T.
Now I leap on towers in Piza, peep the ether
Wrap it in a scroll, pass it off to Carmani
Lessons of exquisietness verses poetry
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Válasz 06.07.06. 04:42 #5666
csiripelo madaraaaaaak
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Válasz 06.07.06. 00:51 #5665
Ron van den Beuken - Find the Way (vocal mix)
What is locked, can be opened. What is hidden, can be found. What is yours, can be mine...
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Válasz 06.07.05. 22:36 #5664
Egyáltalán nem ismerős.
i tell it like it is, cause im a bold figure
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Válasz 06.07.05. 20:56 #5663
vki át tudná küldeni azt a számot h " slow down, go rush " asszem afroman, nem ez a cime, csak ez van benne. ilyen jamaikas beutesu szam. fontos lenne
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Válasz 06.07.05. 13:08 #5662
Masta Ace - Acknowledge
i tell it like it is, cause im a bold figure
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Válasz 06.07.05. 11:53 #5661
Flat Pack - Sweet Child Of Mine (Minimal Chic Shining Mix)
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Válasz 06.07.05. 11:23 #5660
Madonna - Get Together
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Válasz 06.07.05. 08:50 #5659
Depeche Mode - Everything Counts
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Válasz 06.07.05. 03:27 #5658
big city life
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Válasz 06.07.04. 22:29 #5657
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Dani California
"Hogy a gyom nyomjon agyon, soha nem hagyom"
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Válasz 06.07.04. 22:27 #5656
Eminem - White America
...mert szegény vagyok, csak álmaim vannak. Álmaimat a lábad elé terítem, Óvatosan lépkedj, mert az álmaimon lépkedsz....
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Válasz 06.07.04. 20:21 #5655
Living Legends - Down for nothing

i tell it like it is, cause im a bold figure
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Válasz 06.07.04. 18:42 #5654
Fear Factory - Replica
...non mollare mai...
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Válasz 06.07.04. 18:27 #5653
Connections - Underground
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Válasz 06.07.04. 18:26 #5652
Iced Earth - When The Eagle Cries
There's only one rule of metal: PLAY IT FUCKIN' LOUD!!!
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Válasz 06.07.04. 18:00 #5651
Hevesi úr
Deák Bill Gyula - Bill kapitány Orckcirkusza jeeeee
A legjobb érv a demokrácia ellen egy ötperces beszélgetés egy átlagos szavazóval.
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Válasz 06.07.04. 16:24 #5650
Afroman - The good times (album)
i tell it like it is, cause im a bold figure
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Válasz 06.07.04. 15:54 #5649
Az kiraly! Anno az egesz Tonight the stars revoltot szarrahallgattam. Nekem a When Worlds Collide a kedvencem rola.

Morning Glory - Gimme Heroin
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Válasz 06.07.04. 11:09 #5648
The Drill - The Drill (Original Club Mix)
A-Studio feat. Polina - S.O.S. (Tocadisco's Tu No Me Conoces Mix)
Axwell feat. Steve Edwards - Watch The Sunrise (2 Elements Mix)
Axwell and Ingrosso - Together (Tocadisco Mix)
Mylo feat. Freeform Five - Muscle Car (Tocadisco Remix)
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Válasz 06.07.04. 11:07 #5647
Semisonic - Closing Time
-ReLax- Everything you know is wrong / black is white, up is down and short is long / and everything you thought was just so important / doesn't matter... -xeLaR-
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Válasz 06.07.04. 10:39 #5646
Pulp Victim - Dreams Last For Long
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Válasz 06.07.04. 02:23 #5645
Vinylshakerz - Daddy Cool (Electrolaz Remix)
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Válasz 06.07.04. 02:07 #5644
Copywrite, Jakki - Nobody

catch for me to spit it with them without givin a benz,
yeah, ill spit on your record for free - in a literal sense

Höhö. Szeressük a Weatherment.
i tell it like it is, cause im a bold figure
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Válasz 06.07.04. 01:06 #5643
Powerman 5000 - Nobody's Real

ilyen is kell am!
Just another freak in the freak kingdom
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Válasz 06.07.03. 23:54 #5642
I got girls that make that chick toni braxton look like whoopie

amugy: Underworld - Born Slippy
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Válasz 06.07.03. 23:51 #5641
Big L - Put it on

I push a slick Benz, Im known to hit skins
and get ends, and commit sins with sick friends
i tell it like it is, cause im a bold figure
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Válasz 06.07.03. 19:54 #5640
Tristania - Equilibrium
A demokrácia egy helyen található meg az egész Világon: A szótárban.
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Válasz 06.07.03. 17:10 #5639
George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag

... nem bírom megunni (ráadásul a Kutyaszorítóban-ban is volt)
Donut wrong, yo. No special dead, just... dead.
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Válasz 06.07.03. 15:56 #5638
Connections - Mindenütt Jó
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Válasz 06.07.03. 15:55 #5637
..::: Armin van Buuren - Communication Part 3 (Original mix) [ 08:42m / 192Kbps / 44KHz ] :::..
... and on the 7th day god created TRANCE!
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Válasz 06.07.03. 15:53 #5636
George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag

rohadt jóóó
Donut wrong, yo. No special dead, just... dead.
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Válasz 06.07.03. 11:44 #5635
Lazard - Living On Video (Radio Edit)
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Válasz 06.07.03. 11:27 #5634
Onyx - Shifftee
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Válasz 06.07.03. 11:10 #5633
TML feat. Belle - Have A Good Time (Less Vocal Dub Mix)
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Válasz 06.07.02. 22:34 #5632
Guns'n'Roses November Rain, meg Rómeó vérzik számokat.
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Válasz 06.07.02. 19:12 #5631
Terror - Overcome
First Blood - Victim
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Válasz 06.07.02. 18:37 #5630
belga - szerelmes vagyok
"Not everyone understand house music, its a spiritual thing..."
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Válasz 06.07.02. 17:25 #5629
mc hammer - u cant touch this
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Válasz 06.07.02. 15:05 #5628
Weathermen - Mhz over Megahertz
i tell it like it is, cause im a bold figure
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Válasz 06.07.02. 12:45 #5627
Monkey Mafia - Work Mi Body
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Válasz 06.07.02. 12:27 #5626
Hú ezeket a régi ATB számokat de imádtam anno! 7-8 éve ezeket hallgattam éjjel nappal és ezek révén szerettem meg az elektronikus zenét

DJ Miller - Only Virgin (Szeifert & Krush Radio Remix)
Vinylshakerz - Shining Star (Album Version)
Beatfreakz - Somebody's Watching Me (Dennis Christopher Mix)
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Válasz 06.07.02. 10:56 #5625
Connections - Megfoghatatlan

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Válasz 06.07.01. 23:32 #5624
Underworld - Dubnobasswithmyheadman album
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Válasz 06.07.01. 23:05 #5623
in farmer
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Válasz 06.07.01. 20:20 #5622
Gangstarr - Playtawin

It's the God Universal, Ruler Universal
I'm still goin strong in this game, and you should learn to
R-E-S, P-E-C-T
Or you get fucked up, be-lieve you me
And I ain't the one to be, startin the violence
I'm just the one to be, sparkin in silence
For years I ran with some of the greatest men
And y'all cats know we always play to win
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Válasz 06.07.01. 20:16 #5621
Gangstarr - Skillz

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Válasz 06.07.01. 20:15 #5620
Rass-tól összesen 3 számom van, úgyhogy ezt nem ismerem. Majd tlán utanána nézek, bár mostanában inkább csak teljes albumokat töltök, mert a fájlmegosztók szarak.

X-Ecutioners - Sucka thank he cup wup me feat. Dead Prez
i tell it like it is, cause im a bold figure
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Válasz 06.07.01. 20:13 #5619
ha már Ras Kass akkor :

Ras Kass and DJ Premier - Golden Child

A fórumon szereplő hozzászólások olvasóink véleményét tükrözik, azokért semmilyen felelősséget nem vállalunk.