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Válasz 09.04.11. 18:22 #3555
Ötletes csávó:

You: hello
Stranger: greeting beyond the grave
Stranger: i'm andrew
Stranger: i died in a car crash in 2007
Stranger: i'm looking for my wife
Stranger: she died with me
You: i know where you find her
Stranger: they found her body but not mine
You: i think she is in hell
You: Go and speak with Lucifer
You: he is a good guy
Stranger: I'm andrew
Stranger: i died in a car crash in 2007
Stranger: i'm looking for my wife
Stranger: she died with me
Stranger: they found her body but not mine
Stranger: can you help me find her?
You: Yes of course
"Az élet nemi érintkezés során terjedő fertőzés, melynél a halálozási arány 100%"
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Válasz 09.04.11. 18:06 #3554
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Válasz 09.04.11. 17:59 #3553
A francba,na most már mindegy
"Az élet nemi érintkezés során terjedő fertőzés, melynél a halálozási arány 100%"
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Válasz 09.04.11. 17:57 #3552
Egészen biztosan jó ötlet még az e-mail címét is közszemlére tenni itt?...
Serbia is like Nokia: each year a new model, and it's getting smaller.
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Válasz 09.04.11. 17:53 #3551
Feszültséglevezető beszélgetésnek indult, az esetleges hibákért ne szidjatok meg:

You: Hello muthafcuka
Stranger: hello dicksucker
You: You thin you are a big man,asshole?
You: think*
Stranger: yes,and your mother said that when i fucked her
You: You fucked up shiteater bastard,but your mom suck well
Stranger: i know you're gonna be a retard,poor son
You: So u are my father?
Stranger: yes,you are so damn right
Stranger: you finally knew it!!oh~~~i'm so happy
You: I am also happy,but also a bit sad,because i recognized that my father is a duckfucker
Stranger: i'm more sad
Stranger: i recognized that my retarded son is a cocksucker
You: Your mom is suck my dick at this moment
Stranger: oh yeah?and y can you talk while you are sucking my balls?son?
You: i licking your mother`s pussy
You: not your dick
Stranger: you into pussy?good!!
Stranger: i thought you only like fucking balls~
You: Ok,i think that both of us is a bit frustrated,but stop this stupid chating,let`s talk something els
You: else*
Stranger: ok,but that's funny
You: yeah,it was funny^^
You: Where are you from?
Stranger: china
Stranger: you..?
You: From serbia
You: but iam hungarian
Stranger: oh,i thought you were an american
You: but iam hungarian
Stranger: cool~
You: How old are you?
You: I am 14
Stranger: what?
Stranger: you are so young and you talked like that?!
You: Ohh,thanks
Stranger: gee~i'm19
You: You think that iam speak English good
You: ?
Stranger: yes,especially the dirty words
You: GTA San Andreas^^
You: And lot of films
Stranger: me,too,as i chinese,i watched a lot of american movies,so i learned a lot
Stranger: haha,that't really funny
You: What?
Stranger: american dirty words
You: Why are they so funny?
Stranger: sounds funny,speaks funny
You: And in this country lot of kids are talk dirty,but of course in hungarian language
Stranger: lol~same in china
You: How is dick said in your language?
Stranger: many differient version
You: In hungarian:fasz,pöcs,dákó,bráner,hímvessző,pénisz...
Stranger: pénisz is like penis right?
You: Exactly
Stranger: they look the almost same
You: it is tru
You: true*
Stranger: in chinese:鸡鸡,屌,阴茎,鸡巴,etc
You: Well,thanks
Stranger: O(∩_∩Ogod,you may wonder why a girl talk so many dirty words like a man
You: You are a girl?
Stranger: yes...werid?
You: No,i sorry
You: Sorry `bout this question,but are you nice?
Stranger: it's ok
You: OK^^
You: You said that you fucked my mother,and later you said that you a girl
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: girl can't say that?
You: Well,she can say that,but it`s a bit wierd
Stranger: i know,i just pretending to be a man
You: ok,i get the picture
Stranger: what picture?
You: It`s mean,that i understood the situation
Stranger: ok,i got it
You: Sorry,i must go now
You: but in a fiftheen minute i will be back
Stranger: ok
You: hi
Stranger: you are back
You: yeah,i wanted say that^^
Stranger: lol,what time is it?
You: Do you like Tibetian monks?
You: In our country is 17:38
Stranger: in china is23:39
Stranger: really late
You: Are you sleepy?
Stranger: no,i always sleep late
You: Me too
You: Please,answer my question: do you like Tibetian monks? ^^

Stranger: ummmm....i have no feeling about them
You: `cause I heard,that in China lot of people hate them
You: Do you have MSN account?
Stranger: maybe that's because they did something really against the goverment
Stranger: yes i have
You: Can i get it?Of course just in that case,if you want to give it to me
Stranger: sure
Stranger: cool,ill add you later
You: ok
You: Now I must go,I think we will talk later
You: Bye
You: Good night
Stranger: goodnight
You: bye

Ki tudja,talán ő lesz a következő Miss World

szerk:hoppsz,ezt nem neked akartam küldeni,bocsi.
"Az élet nemi érintkezés során terjedő fertőzés, melynél a halálozási arány 100%"
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Válasz 09.04.11. 17:45 #3550
Nem érted a lényegét
We are the Universe... Observing itself... Observing itself... Destroying itself...
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Válasz 09.04.11. 17:31 #3549
Ennek semmi értelme. Csak ebből a kevés példából is látható, hogy senki nem mond igazat, kicsoda valójában...
Serbia is like Nokia: each year a new model, and it's getting smaller.
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Válasz 09.04.11. 16:52 #3548
Chateltem egy floridai csávóval, megmondtam neki hogy magyar vagyok,erre leugatott, hogy miért nyírom a cigányokat
"Az élet nemi érintkezés során terjedő fertőzés, melynél a halálozási arány 100%"
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Válasz 09.04.11. 16:48 #3547
Ez egy hoszabb beszélgetés volt egy amerikaival (azt hazudtam, kanadai vagyok )

Stranger: I'm a male.
Stranger: You can leave now.
You: me too
You: so fuck it
Stranger: Huh.
Stranger: Are you gay?
You: no. I'm straight
Stranger: Cool.
Stranger: I'm a little bit gay.
You: a girl is sucking my dick at the moment
You: you are? jesus
Stranger: That's pretty awesome.
Stranger: Is she going down hard?
You: yess
Stranger: Sweet.
Stranger: What's her name?
You: Kathy
Stranger: Tell her I said, "hey"
You: it's done
Stranger: what'd she do?
You: she is going to the bathroom
Stranger: To piss?
You: no. to wash her face
Stranger: Fuck.
Stranger: You should make her piss herself.
You: why?
Stranger: I don't know, I like that kinda shit.
Stranger: You don't think it's not even a little bit hot?
Stranger: A chick pissing herself?
You: not really
Stranger: Shit, man.
Stranger: I think it's great.
You: I want two girls at the same time
Stranger: Girls usually don't go for that shit.
Stranger: Unless they're total skanks
You: I'm not sure
Stranger: But seriously, check this out:
Stranger: Does this turn you on at all?
You: I check
You: wait
You: wow. fucking disgusting
Stranger: Haha!
Stranger: Everybody tells me that.
Stranger: I love it.
You: you are a weirdo
Stranger: I know, man.
Stranger: The cool part is, I'm okay with it.
You: where do live
Stranger: Ohio.
You: I'm from Montreal
Stranger: Holy shit, really?
You: Canada>USA
You: yes
Stranger: Canada sucks, bro.
Stranger: Iceland is where it's at.
You: what? US sucks
You: Canada is the best fuckin place
Stranger: Yeah.
Stranger: No.
Stranger: Iceland is the best fucking place,
Stranger: ever.
You: Cydonia is the best fuckin place then
Stranger: Okay.
Stranger: I'll go with that.
You: you know Cydonia?
Stranger: No.
You: it's on Mars
Stranger: It sounds cool.
Stranger: Then yes.
Stranger: It's the best.
You: you know . you can find pyramids and a face there
You: cuz humans come from the Mars
Stranger: I want to live on mars and fuck aliens and shit.
Stranger: Humans come from poop.
You: did you know that in 2012 Nibiru is gonna come?
Stranger: Yeah.
Stranger: I doubt it
You: it's real
Stranger: Well, then we're all gonna die.
You: I have a political question concerning the US
Stranger: Shoot.
You: wiat.
You: I have to question it right
Stranger: Mmkay.
You: it's a long question
Stranger: 'kay.
You: almost ready
You: Do you think that America has been covertly supporting conflict in geo-strategic flash points across the Eurasian land-mass in order to stop unification and subsequently safeguard its aspiration towards global hegemony?
Stranger: Hmm.
You: so?
Stranger: No. I believe said accusations are absurd at best. The Delusions of Global Hegemony are more so practiced within eastern parts of the world, anyway. So your irrational protest of unnecessary negativity toward the united states is just that: unnecessary. and, to be be honest, rather ignorant.
You: well. but it's true
Stranger: It's not and you're foolish for stating otherwise.
You: I like conspiracy theories
Stranger: I think you're giving our government a little too much credit when it comes to manipulation.
You: probably
You: another hing
Stranger: American citizens are stupid as fuck.
Stranger: They really can't do much of anything.
You: Bush's hands were dirty concerning september 11
Stranger: No shit.
Stranger: The white house in general is dirty.
You: just think about it
Stranger: It always has been.
You: yes
You: and they hide the truth
Stranger: Our government will sink to any level to cover up their man. various fuck-ups.
You: and your wars
Stranger: Our wars?
You: yes
Stranger: What the fuck does that mean?
Stranger: also, *many
Stranger: Fucking typo.
You: yes. I'm soryy
You: sorry
You: you see?
You: I canot fuckin type
You: bloody wankshite
You: i should find another american and ask the question
You: I want answer
Stranger: 9/11 provoked something completely irrelevent to anything. That being Iraq. Bush saw an opportunity, he grabbed it.
You: yes
Stranger: He wanted to end what his father started.
You: that fucking cunt
Stranger: The Bush family all suffer from Down Syndrome.
You: hahaha
You: take care
Stranger: You leaving?
You: I'm leaving now
Stranger: Wait
Stranger: I have one thing to say
You: or I shouldn't?
Stranger: on the subject of gratuitous slams
Stranger: Your country has really never contributed anything of value to the earth to warrant any brand of reputation. Or really, be called a country.
Stranger: That is all.
You: well. and America is really fucked up
You: the recession started from America
You: and the whole world is suffering now
Stranger: That's why Iceland is the best place of earth.
You: Canada ftw
Stranger: Iceland.
Stranger: Remember, We, the people, We don't control our government.
Stranger: They do whatever the fuck they want.
You: unfortunately
Stranger: At least you don't have to deal with it first hand.
Stranger: It's right in our faces. It's a few feet away from the rest of the world.
Stranger: In some places, it's not there at all.
You: why american people hate canadians?
You: I don't get it
Stranger: Who the fuck said that?
Stranger: We don't.
Stranger: We don't care, really.
You: not you
You: but I hear stuff
Stranger: What you heard is wrong.
Stranger: And most likely from the mouth of an idiot.
Stranger: The American citizen is too busy getting shit on by the government to care about fucking Canada, trust me.
You: all right
At least you have universal healthcare, if we get sick, and we don't have money, we die.
Stranger: And no one gives a fuck.
You: that's retarded in America
Stranger: They Tax our fucking food.
Stranger: It's insane.
You: it's bollocks
Stranger: If i wasn't a broke motherfucker, I'd be in Iceland.
You: I really have to go
Stranger: Okay, man.
Stranger: It was nice chatting with you.
Stranger: Take it easy.
You: it was odd but nice
Stranger: BTW, you have MSN or some shit?
Stranger: Before you go
Stranger: I dig you, man.
You: yay
Stranger: Well, do you?
You: but I don't use it often
Stranger: I don't care, man.
Stranger: You could start.
You: sorry. I don't like MSN. see you in another life
Stranger: Well, aight.
Stranger: Bye.
You: bye

ehh. volt itt minden.
We are the Universe... Observing itself... Observing itself... Destroying itself...
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Válasz 09.04.11. 16:46 #3546
Stranger: hi
You: Hi
Stranger: are you a zombie?
You: Yes
You: I Eat your Brain
Stranger: nice
Stranger: No, then I has a sad

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Válasz 09.04.11. 16:46 #3545
Donut wrong, yo. No special dead, just... dead.
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Válasz 09.04.11. 16:45 #3544
Google Chrome-mal nem jön be
Donut wrong, yo. No special dead, just... dead.
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Válasz 09.04.11. 16:38 #3543
Ez király

szerk:16 éves holland csajjal vitázok a marihuánáról
"Az élet nemi érintkezés során terjedő fertőzés, melynél a halálozási arány 100%"
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Válasz 09.04.11. 16:01 #3542
Összesorsol ismeretlen emberekkel és chatelhetsz velük.

Volt egy ilyen párbeszédem:

You: hi
Stranger: hi
You: where are u from?
Stranger: hungary
You: what??
You: énis
You: tényleg magyar vagy?
Stranger: yes
You: write hungarian
You: nem is vagy magyar
You: hahooooooooo
Stranger: én vagyok ju´ka
You: mi?
Stranger: én játszik jéghoki
You: you're not hungarian
Stranger: mellet szakasz
You: but how did you know that I'm hungarian?
Stranger: mit pokol te beszélget
You: why did u say you are hungarian when you're not?
Stranger: nice country
Stranger: jag heter jukka
Stranger: sport ässät

We are the Universe... Observing itself... Observing itself... Destroying itself...
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Válasz 09.04.10. 21:33 #3541
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Válasz 09.04.10. 15:43 #3540
ez a tag kegyetlenül tolja

van egy halom videója.
"Not everyone likes metal... FUCK THEM!!!" - Fat Ed
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Válasz 09.04.09. 21:32 #3539
SziasztoK! a minap találtam egy nagyon jó internetes játékot a My Brutet. itt készíthetünk egy karaktert és iylen gladiátorszerű összecsapásokban harcolhatunk a többiekkel. aki akarja kipróbálni katt Ide vagy lehettek az én tanítványim is (utóbbi esetben fejlődésetekért az én karakterem is kap tapasztalatot.)
Jó szórakozást!
Türelem szép erény, kivéve ha az alagút végén közeledik a fény!
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Válasz 09.04.09. 18:18 #3538
Nah ezt megkapta szegény tőlünk!
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Válasz 09.04.09. 16:02 #3537
Hát, én nem pont így mondanám
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Válasz 09.04.09. 15:59 #3536
Kb. te vagy a tizenötödik aki belinkeli.
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Válasz 09.04.09. 12:52 #3535
nemtom, de cuki
I'll still come out laughing, 'cause me? I never fail, loser!
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Válasz 09.04.09. 12:47 #3534
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Válasz 09.04.09. 11:59 #3533
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Válasz 09.04.09. 11:58 #3532
Martin 19
Sün szimulátor!
"Es ist nicht zu wenig Zeit, die wir haben, sondern es ist zu viel Zeit, die wir nicht nutzen."
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Válasz 09.04.06. 18:51 #3531
figyelem, a blog olvasása agyfaszt okozhat
I'll still come out laughing, 'cause me? I never fail, loser!
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Válasz 09.04.06. 09:48 #3530
"A gonosz győzelméhez csak annyi kell, hogy a jók tétlenek maradjanak."
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Válasz 09.04.04. 19:24 #3529
Meet the Ludas
"Not everyone likes metal... FUCK THEM!!!" - Fat Ed
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Válasz 09.04.04. 15:32 #3528
napiszar 4 evah....
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Válasz 09.04.04. 07:57 #3527
Gondolod, hogy nincs humorérzékük?
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Válasz 09.04.04. 02:48 #3526
A szomszéd pulikutyája pedig tüsszentett egyet.

(Komolyan, ez most egy országos jelentőségű hír?...)
Serbia is like Nokia: each year a new model, and it's getting smaller.
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Válasz 09.04.04. 00:10 #3525
Star Wars
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Válasz 09.04.03. 23:21 #3524
Simonyi magyarul az űrből!
Soha ne vitatkozz idiótákkal ! Lesüllyedsz az ő szintjükre, és legyőznek a rutinjukkal. (Woody Allen)
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Válasz 09.04.02. 18:02 #3523
Martin 19
Szlovákok... nem kell velük foglalkozni

Amúgy itt meg bennevagyok, delol
"Es ist nicht zu wenig Zeit, die wir haben, sondern es ist zu viel Zeit, die wir nicht nutzen."
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Válasz 09.04.02. 17:59 #3522
Metal pap
ráadásul olasz
"Not everyone likes metal... FUCK THEM!!!" - Fat Ed
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Válasz 09.04.02. 14:36 #3521
Star Wars
Nagyban mondta a magáét egy videó kommentjében, hogy Felvidék soha nem lesz a miénk, hülye magyarok, stb., én meg mondtam ellenvéleményt. Valószínűleg ezért lettem magyar náci mocsok.
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Válasz 09.04.02. 14:04 #3520
Amúgy azért le náciztak mert Hungarica klippet+meg még valami magyar témájú tettél fel?
vagy mi?
Többi videód ahogy nézem tucc-tucc az meg nem épp nácizmusra utal.

Fura egy világ....
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Válasz 09.04.02. 14:00 #3519
Star Wars
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Válasz 09.04.02. 13:53 #3518
a náci vagy a héber írás zavar?
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Válasz 09.04.02. 13:51 #3517
Star Wars
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Válasz 09.04.01. 19:19 #3515
Sírtam a röhögéstől,állat.
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Válasz 09.04.01. 01:59 #3514
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Válasz 09.03.31. 23:56 #3513
ez nagyon jó
I'll still come out laughing, 'cause me? I never fail, loser!
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Válasz 09.03.31. 23:45 #3512
Na, az ilyeneket szeretem berakni a kedvencek közé, ami vicces is, és látszik, hogy profi munka áll mögötte.
Serbia is like Nokia: each year a new model, and it's getting smaller.
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Válasz 09.03.31. 23:31 #3511
Ezen most többször felröhögtem
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Válasz 09.03.31. 23:22 #3510
ez kééész
"Not everyone likes metal... FUCK THEM!!!" - Fat Ed
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Válasz 09.03.31. 15:29 #3509
Köszönöm a javítást, akkor most már lehet kattintani
Pitbull-lecsó humorportál:
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Válasz 09.03.30. 23:54 #3508
Mondhatni, reménytelen próbálkozás!

szerk.: Nah látom Z már orvosolta.
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Válasz 09.03.30. 23:54 #3507
Jahh rossz volt. Totál hiányzott a linkből a html cím, de már orvosoltam.
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Válasz 09.03.30. 23:43 #3506
milyen link ez? nem lehet rákattintani
I'll still come out laughing, 'cause me? I never fail, loser!

A fórumon szereplő hozzászólások olvasóink véleményét tükrözik, azokért semmilyen felelősséget nem vállalunk.