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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
A legutóbbi Grand Theft Auto: Vice City cikkek, hírek
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he az diszkriminacio
Just another freak in the freak kingdom
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Csak az a baj,ha lenne mindenki azt használná.Csak nekünk lenne az lenne a baró.HEHE
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Techno a logóval kapcsolatban a fórumra gondoltam.
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Lesz idén tavasszal!
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Válasz 03.01.12. 15:43 #396
most lesz vagy nem lesz PC-re?
"A bölcselet csupán költészete azoknak, mikről még nincsen fogalmunk" M.I.
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Válasz 03.01.12. 15:28 #395
Neo mikor lesznek filmek?
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Válasz 03.01.10. 14:52 #394
Nekem van VC logóm.
Vagy ide a fórumra gondoltál?
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Akkor TE miattad lesz félkezű
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Techno már csak 1 vc logó jöhetne már.
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Az tényleg érdekes lehet.Akkor egy "kicsit" nehézkes a küldi?
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Phil 2. missziója elején a barom lerobbantja a saját karját, és nekem kell elfuvarozni a kórházba, cska kicsit nehéz mert elötte megitatott valami jó kis pálesszel, ezért a kamera mozog össze vissza és elég érdekes képet ad
"I belong to the warrior in whom the old ways have joined the new"
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Amúgy jó és hasznos az infó Techno.
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Cool a memód Techno.
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Ez nekem fel se tűnt eddig
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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szal igy lett felkezu?
Just another freak in the freak kingdom
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A Shooting Range egy lövészpálya, a Downtown-i fegyverbolt mögött. Van ott egy misszió is, le kell verni Phil Cassidy fegyverbuzit (ő a félkaru csávó a tankal a GTA3 ban). Állítólag nehéz küldetés, nekem elsőre megvolt
"I belong to the warrior in whom the old ways have joined the new"
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Válasz 03.01.08. 20:48 #384
És akkor következen a mai "adatok" a Vice City-ről
Elsőre itt vannak az irányítás, persze ez csak a PS2-re igaz ez az irányítás (PC-re legfeljebb akkor, ha van gamepad-od, megha lesz game PC-re)

[b]A. Írányítás gyalog

D-Pad----------------Move around
Left Control Stick---Move around
Right Control Stick--Look in first person mode (you can't move)
Select---------------Toggle camera view
X--------------------Hold to sprint
Circle---------------Use current weapon
Triangle-------------Enter vehicle
L1-------------------Center camera
L2-------------------Change weapon back
R1-------------------Target lock-on
R2-------------------Change weapon forward
R3-------------------Look back
B. Írányítás kocsiban

D-Pad----------------Turn vehicle
Left Control Stick---Turn vehicle
Right Control Stick--Turn vehicle
Select---------------Toggle camera view
Square---------------Decelerate (Reverse if stopped)
Circle---------------Drive-by (Hold L2 or R2)
Triangle-------------Exit vehicle/Bail
L1-------------------Change radio station
L2-------------------Look left
R2-------------------Look right
R3-------------------Side missions (if applicable)

(L3 and R3 buttons are accessed by pressing down on corresponding control
C. Speciális gombok helikopterban, vagy repüllőn

Control Stick Up-----Move forward
Control Stick Down---Move backward
X--------------------Accelerate/Gain height
Square---------------Decrease altitude
Circle---------------Fire missiles (Hunter only)
Triangle-------------Suicide bail
R1-------------------Fire machine gun (Hunter only)
R2-------------------Turn right, hold to spin
R3-------------------Brown Thunder (Vigilante, Hunter only)
L2-------------------Turn left, hold to spin
L3-------------------Hover in place

D. Radio Stations

V-Rock--80's Rock Station--Hosted by the great Lazlow
Wave 103--80's Pop/Rock Station--Hosted by Adam First
Emotion 98.3--80's Love Station--Hosted by Fernando Martinez
Flash FM--Classic 80's Station--Hosted by Toni
Wildstyle Pirate Radio--80's Rap Station--Hosted by Mr. Magic
Fever 105--80's Dance Station--Hosted by Oliver Biscuit
Radio Esperanto--80's Jazz Station--Hosted by Pepe
K Chat--Chat Station--Hosted by Amy Sheckenhausen
Vice City Public Radio--Chat Station--Hosted by Maurice Chavez

E. Jó polgár bónusz

Since the whole world has e-mailed me about it, I'm posting it. If you
see a cop running after a guy, beat the other guy to oblivion. You get
$50 for knocking him down, and $50 for every time you kick him on the
ground. The kicking thing works three times.

Another good way to earn money fast.

F. Általános játék stratégia

i. **** the Police!

This section will contain strategies about the police, stars,
and how to avoid getting busted.

1. If you have one star, just drive around. Police will come on
foot and beat you with a night stick, but just driving will drop
your wanted level.

2. At two stars, you should drive to your hideout and change clothes.
That will get rid of the level. Police will now be shooting at you,
so you're not that safe.

3. At three stars, police get vicious. They spawn everywhere, so
find a Pay-and-Spray and lose that level. Also, undercover cops in
Banshees and Cheetah start showing up, and they're a bit faster
than normal ones and great for Vigilante Missions. There
are also annoying as hell spike strips out and road blocks.

4. At four stars, the SWAT comes in, and they have rifles. You can
be plunked down in no time. GET TO A PAY-AND-SPRAY.

5. At five stars, the FBI is coming, and hell is breaking loose.
Their Ruger's will eat you alive, and their cars are very fast.
Find a frickin' Pay-and-Spray!

6. At six stars, the army is here. M60's, tanks, Barracks OL's...
Run, just run for your life...towards a Pay-and-Spray...or take
a tank.

7. Memorize Police Bribe locations, when in need, drive to them.
This can ease missions up a ton.

8. Never run over a cop. That's two stars right there and that
will lead to more very fast...

ii. How Not to Die...

This section will, of course, tell you ways to save yourself
before death.

1. Car on fire? BAIL! You can get out of a moving car and take
minimal damage. Don't explode.

2. Motorcycles are dangerous. Too many falls and you'll get wasted.

3. Long jumps are bad. Falling can take some massive health away.

4. Try to always keep full health and armor. Learn locations of
the pick ups and grab them before missions.

5. Don't piss off a gang without protection. Gangs hang in packs,
and pistols will own melee weapons anyday.

iii. General Mission Strategies

Most missions have a common point to them, and a general
strategy can give you a basis on how to go about them.

1. Fast cars are good for timed missions, but for those that aren't,
safety is first. Don't get blown up, busted, or killed stupidly.

2. Motorcycles are fun to ride but handle not so's very
easy to take a lot of damage if you hit something.

3. Some missions will piss off gangs, make a copy of the save before
this mission so you can make sure you haven't lost something

4. Can't pass a mission? Go do something else. Kill some people, go
package hunting, do someone else's missions, or turn the game off
and read a book. Take some time to ease up, and then focus on the
task at hand. It makes life much easier.

5. Helicopters are your friend. Anything that says 'Get to point A
to point B', and doesn't give you a set vehicle, try a helicopter.
It keeps you out of most gunfire.

iv. Making the Blingy Blingy and Early Money

Money actually serves a purpose in this game, unlike GTA3 where it
was a joke almost. You receive less money for many things, and
have to buy your weapons and hideouts for good money. First of
course, is doing missions. Missions will earn you good money, but
advance the game, which may do bad things (like angering gangs).
Phone missions are notorious for this. Taxi missions are very easy,
and can land you some good profit over time. Vigilante missions are
pretty challenging, but give good rewards as well. All of the R3
missions are profitable. The newest feature to GTA is to rob stores.
This earns about $1000 every time, and you can rob the same store
many times. My favorite is the Corner Store, head over to that
section for details.

Early in the game, money is hard to come by. The best for this is
taxi missions. Earn quick money, then buy a Pistol from Ammunation.
Find the store closest to a Pay-and-Spray and rob it. Repeat this
until you have enough to buy a couple of hideouts. Do some missions,
and keep this up. When you get to the west island, get a Firetruck
and get a ton of money that way. Keep robbing stores. Once you can
buy assets, get Sunshine Autos. Complete its missions, and then get
a ton of money from the street races. I have over $3 Million, and
that was basically my strategy. I was only short on money a few
times, and that was because I died.

Na akkor ennyit mára, és végleg ennyi. Márcsak a végigjátszás van, de hogyha azt akarjátok, akkor felteszem ide
Bár van még plusszok, pl.:
kódok, meglepetések, titkok
Szóval, ha ezt akarjátok akkor felmásolom, aztán megmondom honnan szedtem>
Neo: Remélem ez is jó
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Válasz 03.01.08. 20:34 #383
Ja azt tudom.
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Válasz 03.01.08. 18:29 #382
Vice City-ről nem tudok de a magyar GTA3 azt biztos tudod
Hero I did not serve between only heroes.
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Válasz 03.01.08. 16:19 #381
Nincs egy jó MAGYAR Vice City-s oldal?
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Válasz 03.01.08. 16:15 #380
Csak ilyen rövid, ez nem is lista!
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Válasz 03.01.08. 14:17 #379
yep GTA & VC RulezZ!!!
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Láttom amig nem voltam itt rengeteg Info jött nagyon jó a GTA Rulz.
Hero I did not serve between only heroes.
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Itt az én kis listám. [bocs,ha valaki írta volna már]

(angol tudás előny)

Karakterek / Hangszinészek

Tommy Vercetti
Played by Ray Liotta

Redneck gun-runner at war with Mexican arms dealers, as well as the revenue agents on account of his moonshining hobby. Tommy is the main character. Click here to find out more.

Gary Busey (FBI detective from Point Break, and Private investigator from The Firm) is the voice of Phil Cassidy

Luis Guzman (Short, Stocky, United States FBI agent in the movie Traffic) is the voice of Ricardo Diaz

Lawrence Taylor (former Linebacker for the NY Giants) is the voice of B.J. Smith

David Paymer (Funny looking, Jewish, character actor in City Slickers, City Hall, American President, State and Main, and many other films) is the voice of Ken Roseburg

Danny Trejo (Desperado, Con Air, Heat, The Replacement Killers) is the voice of Umberto Robina

Other's in-game characters include:

A "cultural attache" (read: generic fixer, likely bribable) at the San Dominican consulate, associate of Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez. We're not sure where San Dominica is, but it's probably somewhere near Wakanda or Latveria.

Steve Scott
Mob-linked film director. He's apparently patterned after Steve Spielberg -- Rockstar says he has a fondness for sharks and mashed-potato sculpture. Uh-huh.

Pastor Richards
Half-mad Bible-thumping televangelist, promoter of intense nuclear/apocalyptic paranoia, involved in many right-wing political causes. Composed of equal parts Jim Bakker, Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, and various other TV preachers we can't remember.

Ice Cream Lady
Described as a "psychotic distributor of soft ice cream." We're down with any game that features psychotic distributors of soft ice cream.

Georgio Forelli
Transvestite mafioso associate of the Liberty City families, about to go down in court for a long prison stretch. As such, he is most likely not long for this world.

Mr. Black
May or may not be running money-laundering and assassination business as a sideline to his day job as commandant of Kamp Krusty.

Leo Teal
Restarateur and suspected hitman, associated with Mr. Black.

Big Mitch Baker
Biker gang leader and decorated Vietnam veteran. Affiliated with various small-time drug and arms dealing. Apparently enjoys eating live animals. We think he looks a little like a heavyset Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

Cam Jones
Unfortunate kleptomaniac associated with Cassidy, due for a long prison term thanks to his uncontrollable theft habit (he was caught running down the street with a largish safe in his arms).


The missions in GTA: Vice City will be far more in-depth than the ones in GTA3. The mission designers have taken much more liberty in developing individual storylines for missions than they did with GTA3.

Apparently most of the team at Rockstar North loved the mission in GTA3 named "Bomb Da Base". It involved you covering your partner with a sniper rifle, in order for you partner to set a bomb on a cargo ship, blowomg the thing apart. It was a very complex and rewarding mission, leading to a fantastic ending. The cargo ship sunk by the huge explosion of the bomb!

The developers want to include a special and rewarding feel for the missions in GTA: Vice City. There is going to be a larger assortment of missions, and mission types in the game, ranging from simple delivery tasks to monstrous one-man army missions.

Vigilante missions will be making a comeback from GTA3. You'll be able to strap yourself in the seat of a firefighter, ambulance driver or a policeman. In this role you'll be fighting those wreckless criminals or doing your duty to the community by helping put out your neighbour's fire.

Not all of the missions or details have been revealed for the game, so expect to be surprised once the game comes out!


• Motorcycles
We've all been begging for motorcycles back since GTA2 had none. And now our wish has been granted. Bikes are back and better than ever! There are 4 motorbikes in Vice City: the PCJ-600, the FreeWay, the Fuggio and the Sanchez.
From what we know and have seen, it appears to be the fastest motorcycle in Vice City. So far, only seen in red.

• Helicopters
Helicotpers are completely new to the game, and they're very welcome by us! Rockstar have revealed that the helicopter will be pilotable in the game, but it will be very hard to get access to.
There seem to be quite a few types of helicopters, including a rumored news chopper.

• Boats
Boats are going to play a much bigger role in the overall gameplay this time around. There is a large number of different boats which all control unqiuely. Boats will be used in Vice City's numerous waterways and canals.
A fast speedboat in Miami's warm water.

• The Ones with Tires
Last but not least there are the cars. There are just about 100 different cars for you to find, delving into all kinds of 80's fashion and aggression.
An expensive sportscar for the rich! .. or those who steal.
Included in the game will be two airplanes. One sea-plane which you will be able to land in water, and another full-winged proper plane. These both should be pilotable.

In GTA: Vice City the vehicles are much more damageable than in GTA3. You will be able to shoot out a car's tires, which will in turn greatly affect the handling of the car. You will also be able to shoot people who are sitting inside cars through windows. Which in turn shows that vehicles have a far greater number of parts that can fall off, or be cut off by a chainsaw!

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Techno!:Még mindig nem kaptam meg.
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Válasz 03.01.07. 22:01 #375
Igen, helyes amit bemásoltál
"I belong to the warrior in whom the old ways have joined the new"
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Válasz 03.01.07. 21:43 #374
Infó hegyek.
(nem baj)
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Válasz 03.01.07. 20:17 #373
inkabb mondd meg,hogy honnan szeded ezeket az infokat(nincs kedvem gamefaq son keresgelni meg googolozni)
Just another freak in the freak kingdom
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Válasz 03.01.07. 20:06 #372
Na találtam valamit

Elsőként az IGN szellőztette meg a várható Grand Theft Auto folytatásokat. Szó esett a GTA4, GTA: Sin City és a San Andreas - GTA eleddig érintetlen városa - elnevezésekről. Ez utóbbi mozgatta meg a C&VG agytekervényeit és némi kutatómunka után ráleltek a és, egy Rockstar alkalmazott által 2002. májusában bejegyzett, domainekre. Mágikus kristálygömböm szerint valamikor év vége felé, talán 2004 elején kihozzák az új endzsimmel felturbózott GTA4-et, majd GTA: Sin City és San Andreas címen lépnek színre a kiegészítők.

Forrás: Hardwired

Ezek után nem lehet megszólalni, csak annyit mondok:
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Válasz 03.01.07. 19:37 #371
Na először itt van, hogy mit kell megcsinálni, hogy 100% legyen a játék

What you need for 100%:

All 21 Storyline missions completed
All Assets completed
All Cuban, Haitian, Love Fist, Biker, Avery Carrington, and Phil Cassidy
missions completed
All Phone missions completed (Assinations)
All Hideouts owned
All Checkpoint races completed
All Street races completed (1st place)
All Arena challenges completed (1st place)
All RC challenges completed
100 Hidden packages found
36 Unique jumps completed
35 Rampages completed
Shooting Range completed (ez mi?)
Level 12 Vigilante completed
Level 12 Paramedic completed
Level 12 Firefigher completed
Level 10 Pizza Boy completed
100 Taxi passengers dropped off
15 Stores robbed (ez jó 15 boltot ki kell rabolni

Akkor itt vannak a boltok:

VI. Store/Hideout/Costume Database
A. Stores

There are 3 of these. You can't rob them because the clerk is packing a

Colt Python--$2000
Spaz-12 Shotgun--$4000
Body Armor--$200

North Point Mall
Colt 45--$100
Uzi 9mm--$400
Stubby Shotgun--$600
Sniper Rifle--$1500
Body Armor--$200

Ocean View
Colt 45--$100
Ingram Mac 10--$300
Body Armor--$100

Bunch of Tools
The hardware store in Washington Beach. Robbable, and it has stuff. (1/15)

Meat Cleaver--$50
Baseball Bat--$80

Corner Store
Located north of the Shady Palms Hospital, on a corner of Vice Point.
Nothing here, but it is robbable. (2/15)

A small dougnut shop located in Little Havana, down the main road. Nothing
to buy here, just rob it. (3/15

A pharmacy where you can get free health and an Adrenaline Pill.
Located in Vice Point as well, down the road from the hospital. Robbable
as well. (4/15)

A clothes store in the mall where you can pick up Casual Clothes. Another
store you can rob. (5/15)

Jewerly Store
You can't buy anything at this store, but you can stick it up and rob
it as one of 15 stores. Three locations, one in Downtown near the music
studio, in Vice Point down the road from Well-Stacked Pizza, and another
in North Point Mall. (6-8/15)

Look in the northwest part of Little Havana. Nothing to buy, just rob it.

Music Store
A small record store at North Point Mall. Nothing here but a clerk, so
rob him. (10/15)

Drive your car in the garage, and for $100, lose your wanted level, get
your car fixed, and get a new paint job (doesn't work on some cars).

Same as the Dispensary but located in Downtown. Down the road from the
music studio and right next Jewerly Store. (11/15)

Phil's Place
After completing the mission for Phil, Boomshine Saigon, you can buy the
heaviest weapons in the game for a hefty price.

Rocket Launcher--$8000
Bomb and Detonator--$1000

Robina's Cafe
In Little Havana, the place where you get the Cuban missions from Umberto.
Just rob it. (12/15)

Ryton Aide Pharmacy
Located next to the Pay-and-Spray in the west island. Second, it's the
same as the Dispensary, just different name and different location.

Screw This
The ultimate hardware store, found in Little Havana, just off the main
road. (14/15)

Meat Cleaver--$50

Tool It Up
The hardware store in North Point Mall. (15/15)

Meat Cleaver--$50

All of these store are robbable, I will also list what you can buy at
these stores later, as I find them. To rob a store, take a gun and aim it
at the clerk. Keep this up until he drops 4 cash pickups. Now get in a
car and drive away as you now have 3 stars, but are $1000 richer. Get to
a Pay-and-Spray. If you don't need the money, but just need to knock the
store off, take a one hit kill weapon (Colt Python or a shotgun) and just
wait for him to drop one cash pickup. Blow him away. You only get one
star, and you get credit for it.

0 Stars--$50, but two stars once you kill him.
1 Star---$150, but two stars once you kill him.
2 Stars--$550
3 Stars--$1050

The Pay-and-Spray costs $100.

O, and never rob an Ammunation or the Malibu Club. The clerks have
Shotguns...And they hurt.

Some info from Jnco404. Thanks.

Akkor itt van a BÚVÓHELYEK listája:

B. Hideouts

Elswanko Casa
$8000--A nice big house with a useless swimming pool. Many people have
told me there's an assualt rifle on the roof, so I guess there is.
There is a single one-car garage. It's farther down the road from
Links, but it's on your in-box map.

Links View Apartments
$6000--Located down the road from Leaf Links. Has one garage.

Ocean Heights
$7000--Located near the Pole Position Strip Club. It's kind of hidden in
some vines. It's on your in-box map. This has a garage as well.

Hyman Condos
$14,000--Located next to the Hyman Stadium on the west island. Has
two two-car garages, a FOUR-CAR garage, and a helipad with respawning

1102 Washington Street
$3000--Located amazingly in Washington Beach! Not sure where, I'll fix
that tomorrow. No garage, but a save point for when you need it.

3321 Vice Point
$2500--Located on the north side of well, the North Point Mall. So it's
an easy find. No garage, just another save point.

Skumhole Shack
$1000--This thing is a joke, but is required to own all property. It's
located on a roof in Downtown, and is literally, a shack! No garage.
It's behind the Greasy Chopper, head up the stairs located on the east
side of that block.

You can buy these as soon as the game starts, there are others that you
can buy later. See the next section.

Ez fogalmam sincs, hogy mi, de azért leírom:

C. Assets

After the "Shakedown" mission, you can buy some assets. Each one makes
money per day, after you do something for it.


És itt vannak a ruhák:

D. Costumes

Bank Job Outfit
A blue suit with a white hockey mask (can you say, Jason?) Spawns at
the Malibu Club after its mission, "The Job."

Casual Clothes
A brown shirt and light pants. Very bland, but easy for a change of
clothes. Found at the clothes store at North Point Mall.

Cop Outfit
You look just like a cop, brown shirt, brown pants, brown cap. Walk the
beat and bust some people. Found inside the Washington Beach police
station after the mission "Cop Land". You'll have the ability to enter
the Air Base immune to gun fire when you wear this.

Be a hick! This is a white T-shirt, work gloves, and blue overalls. You
can find these after "Riot" at "Tool It Up".

Havanna Outfit
The Cuban gang outfit. Keep on thuggin'. Found at the clothes store in
Little Havana after the mission "Two Bit Hit".

Mr. Vercetti
A very nice suit with tan vertical stripes and a bright pink under-
shirt. Found at Collars & Cuffs after you complete the Strip Club asset.

Soriee Outfit
A nice suede suit for when Tommy needs to dress up. Found at Rafael's
after completing "The Party".

Street Clothes
The 'Tommy Verceti' look. A blue Hawaiian shirt and acid-washed jeans.
(thanks Tommy Russel for the acid-washed heads up). Found at your
hideout after "The Party".

A jogging suit of different colors. It looks hot...Found at the Laundromat
in Downtown, and in other locations.

I will list what each of these look like once I get them. They are
unlocked after certain missions.

Na ez a lista szerintem nem olyan hosszú
Legközelebb a boltokról írok, amiket megvehetsz.
Neo továbbra is várom a kritikáidat, remélem most is helyes, amit írtam
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Válasz 03.01.07. 19:31 #370
De nem kell már petíció, mert a Take Two Games (a GTA sorozat kiadója) bejelentette a Vice City-t PC-re 2003 tavaszán. Tehát már BIZTOS, hogy lesz Vice City PC-re!

És jön ma egy újabb lista a búvóhelyekről meg még nemtom miről

Amúgy meg jövőhéten nézem meg a játékot a haveromnál

Z-Master te még mindig nem kaptad meg a játékot?
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Válasz 03.01.06. 23:04 #369
Minnél többnek (passz)

>Bár hálistennek nekem nem kell izgulni mert már rég megrendeltem PS2-re de azért én is elküldtem a petíciót.
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Válasz 03.01.06. 21:38 #368
Kitöltöttem ezt a peticiót hogy legyen Vice City. Mennyinek kéne összejönnie?
No one likes us, We dont care!
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Válasz 03.01.06. 21:37 #367
Szerintem a GTA3 is igen sztori orientált volt, a Vice City pedig nagyon az! Nagyon kemény sztori vonal, isten történet. Lehet vele baromkodni, de aki nem figyel az lemarad a fél játékról.
Korrekt lista, ezzel nincs gond
Az a küldetés nem a Malibu Klub, hanem a Pole Position Strip club. Elég egyszerü, 10 percig kell ücsörögni a klubban, sima.
Amúgy két küldetésn kívül mindent megcsináltam de azok se váratnak magukra
"I belong to the warrior in whom the old ways have joined the new"
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Válasz 03.01.06. 21:18 #366
De nagyon jók az ilyen infók.
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Válasz 03.01.06. 20:36 #365
"Kis" lista.
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Válasz 03.01.06. 17:41 #364
És akkor egy jó lista, főleg azoknak akik tudnak angolul, és nincs meg nekik a Vice City:

V. Item and Weapon Database
A. Item Database

Armor Icon--Gives you 100 armor, so you won't die as fast.

Heart Icon--Replenishes your health back to 100.

Money Icon--If you own an asset and have finished it's mission(s), you'll
see this outside it. It makes a certain amount of money per day.

Pill Icon--An adrenaline pill that puts the game in bullet-time and gives
Tommy super-human strength. Move cars, punch people through glass...

Police Bribe--A blue star icon that lowers your wanted level by one.

Skull Icon--This spawns a rampage, see below for a description.

Tiki Icon--This is a hidden package, there are 100 hidden in the game.
Every ten nabs you a nifty item for your hideout.
B. Weapon Database

Brass Knuckles--Fist--Put these own and make those punches hurt.

Hammer--Melee--A tinker tool...OF DEATH. BWAHAHAHA...

Screwdriver--Melee--Pop some tires, stab some people, screw stuff over.

Golf Club--Melee--Please be courteous and yell 'FORE!' before swinging.

Night Stick--Melee--The same stick the police use to beat you with when
you're naughty.

Baseball Bat--Melee--Hit a homer...or a car...or that doesn't

Knife--Melee--A steak knife...good enough to make someone bleed.

Meat Cleaver--Melee--Good for chopping vegetables, fruits, and limbs.

Machete--Melee--A long, sleek knife, perfect for disfiguring unwanted

Katana--Melee--Take some Ju-Jitsu and slice your enemies to peaces.

Chainsaw--Melee--Rev it up and tear the world apart.

Grenades--Explosive--Lob one of these and let the carnage reign.

Molotov Cocktail--Explosive--Fire in the hole! Make sure it doesn't hit

Bomb and Detonator--Explosive--Set the target and wait for your time...

Tear Gas--Explosive--A grenade that doesn't hurt cars, but makes people
cry like they just saw Old Yeller for the first time.

Colt 45--Pistol--A handgun good enough for a basic killing.

Colt Python--Pistol--The Colt 45 with some extra BANG. Fires slower, but
kills in one hit.

Chromed Shotgun--Shotgun--Your average shotgun.

Spas-12 Shotgun--Shotgun--Another shotgun with an automatic firing

Stubby Shotgun--Shotgun--A sawed-off gun with worse aim, but more power.

Tech-9--Sub-Machine Gun--An Uzi style gun good enough to make some blood

Ingram MAC--Sub-Machine Gun--Another sub-machine gun with a bit more

Uzi M9--Sub-Machine Gun--Run and fire, then drive and fire, it's all good.

MP5--Sub-Machine Gun--A gun similar to an Uzi, but more power. The FBI's
weapon of choice. The most powerful of the class.

Ruger--Rifle--Great for hunting...people! Has manual aim.

Colt M4--Rifle--The 45 is turned into a machine gun for a much faster

Sniper Rifle--Sniper Rifle--Zoom in and pop some heads. Great for shooting
out tires, or popping heads.

PSG-1--Sniper Rifle--A sniper rifle with a laser scope for easier aiming.

Mini-gun--Heavy Weapon--Heavy indeed, just pull the trigger and watch the

M60--Heavy Weapon--Although it isn't an M16, it functions like
the one in GTA3. Exactly like it, so Rockstar screwed up with the
description. Not me. Leave me alone with the e-mails.

Rocket Launcher (RPG)--Heavy very sweet...

Flamethrower--Heavy Weapon--Torch your enemies to a burning carcas.

Those are all of the weapons.

REMEMBER THIS! You can only hold 9 weapons at a time.

1 Melee (Chainsaw)
1 Pistol (Colt Python)
1 Sub-Machine Gun (MP5)
1 Rifle (Colt M4)
1 Sniper Rifle (PSG-1)
1 Heavy Weapon (RPG)
1 Shotgun (Spas-12)
1 Explosive (Grenades)
1 Fist (Brass Knuckles)

All Sub-Machine Guns are drive-by capable.


Remélem nem túl hosszú:Đ
Egyébként holnap jönnek majd a búvóhelyek
Neo várom a véleményedet
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Válasz 03.01.06. 17:37 #363
Azt a küldetést megcsináltad, amikor megveszed asszem a Malibu Club-ot? Amikor le kell ülnöd egy székre, és akkor jön egy csaj és táncol előtted. Az könnyű küldetés lehet
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Válasz 03.01.06. 17:31 #362
HTB írta:
"egy HTB t nem lehet elriasztani 1 Vice City tol"
Van belőled több is

A GTA3-ban hát ott se volt igazán történet, legalábbis szerintem. Vagy ha volt akkor nem annyira dominált.
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Válasz 03.01.06. 17:26 #361
egy HTB t nem lehet elriasztani 1 Vice City tol(erre a jatekra nagoyn gerjedek :Đ)
ha megjelenik hideg elelmet(ejtsd sort) veszek magamhoz es 1 hetig senki nem lat ;>
engem a tortenet IS erdekel,ezert sajnalom hgoy elmondta(de eletem igy is teljes lesz ne aggodjatok ;]] )
Just another freak in the freak kingdom
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Válasz 03.01.06. 17:19 #360
Nekem mindegy, mert úgyis mellékes lesz nekem a történet. Inkább a JÁTÉK-ra koncentrálok.
De azért hogy lehetsz ennyire szemét? Szegény PC-seket itt elriasztod a játéktól
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Válasz 03.01.06. 16:31 #359
Oh, sorry, kiszaladt...
"I belong to the warrior in whom the old ways have joined the new"
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Válasz 03.01.06. 16:02 #358
ááááááááááá lelovod itt a poenokat(lance vance arulo)
Just another freak in the freak kingdom
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Válasz 03.01.06. 15:02 #357
Még nem játszottam vele, de a héten remélem átmehetek hozzá
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Válasz 03.01.06. 15:01 #356
Ja pontosan arra gondoltam, hogy átéljük a játékot, meg amit érzel
"Cuccolta már szét az ánuszod, egy hájfej nagykabátban?"
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Válasz 03.01.06. 11:13 #355
Gratula a végigjátszáshoz Neo.
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Válasz 03.01.06. 00:31 #354
Nálam a Trails alapból ki van kapcsolva
Bár a játék elején poén volt, tényleg olyan Havaii színek lettek tőle
Ja persze, majd ordítozok, lerugom a kamerát meg csapkodom a falat, okés?
"I belong to the warrior in whom the old ways have joined the new"
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Válasz 03.01.06. 00:27 #353
Hi all!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tröténelmi pillanat, ma, játékidő szerit 54 óra játék után végigjátszottam ezt az isten gammát!
Emberek, az utolsó küldetést nem kivánom senkinek... Kb 5 napig szarakodtam vele, EXTRADURVA!
Úgy képzeljétek el, hogy egyedül meg kell védemen a villámat egy hatalmas ostromtól. Ha kiirtottam a fél várost, fel kell menni a háztetőre hogy kinyírjam az áruló Lance Vance-t, majd utána vissza f öldszintre, jöhet Sonny Forelli...!
Nagyon hosszú, nagyon nehéz és bonyolult küldetés volt.
A jutalom viszont nem maradt el, mégpedig a HUNTER kódvenü Apach helikopter, ami rakétával és gépágyuval van felszerelve!!!
ISten bazz, ekkor pusztítást rég nem csináltam. Na meg lehet vele Vigilante küldetéseket csinálni, nem semmi, 50 rakétát lőni a száguldó bűnözőkre

Na a videóról annyit, hogy "felsőbb hatalmak" utasítottak hogy ide csak pár gyengébb videót pakolhatok fel De ne izguljatok, majd jön a többi is!
A misőégről annyit, hogy megpróbálom jóra megcsinálni, de mivel 56k-s vagyok csak kisfelbontás lessz gyengébb minőséggel mert nincs sávszélességem felpakolni többszáz megás cuccokat
"I belong to the warrior in whom the old ways have joined the new"
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Válasz 03.01.05. 20:33 #352
Na akkor VC RulezZ!!!

>Neo csak poénnak szántam az elöző levelet.

A fórumon szereplő hozzászólások olvasóink véleményét tükrözik, azokért semmilyen felelősséget nem vállalunk.