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Portal 2

2011.04.27. 10:00 | szerző: Sityi | Ismertető/teszt

Dear Test Subject,
Welcome to the Aperture Science Test Laboratories! Long time has passed since our last test series, which has achieved numerous awards and many people consider it as a pioneer work even these days… We would like to apologize for the mess and dirt that you may encounter in the testing rooms – our associates have already begun the cleaning.

Portal 2

However, time has not passed futile! As a result of the engineers’ tireless work of Aperture Science, we have enhanced the tests with new appliances! So far our test subjects could use only the Aperture Science Handled Portal Device (short: portal gun), Weighted Storage Cubes, press buttons (operated by hand and capable of receiving a Weighted Storage Cube), moving platforms, turrets and energy balls and their trapping devices, but now we serve the following innovations to our test subjects and science:

  • Aerial Faith Plates: hydraulic floor or wall tile, which launches (catapults) into the air to a preset direction those test subjects who step on them
  • Testing rooms built using movable panels: the testing rooms of Aperture Science are flexible now, thanks to the hydraulic movable panels, which allow us to reconfigure the rooms according to the requirements.
  • Light Bridges: with the help of the specially condensed and projected light unreachable distances can be beaten – even through portals.
  • Light Tunnels: Light Bridge reworked, but this time it’s not a flat surface, but a tunnel. With the aid of the photon flow objects and test subjects can be moved in the tunnel and on top of that the direction of the flow can be adjusted with the proper press buttons – and obviously this also works through portals.
  • Special gels:
    - Repulsion Gel (blue): this makes everything bouncy – walls, floors, even Weighted Storage Cubes: it’s ideal to substitute an Aerial Faith Plate or to bounce away different objects like a turret or a Weighted Storage Cube.
    - Propulsion Gel (orange): as the name suggests, this gel gives momentum, making the speed of running higher and because of that it increases the length of jumps also.
    - Conversion Gel (white): this is for painting surfaces where normally portals cannot be placed – this gel enables it.
    - The transparent fluid is not a gel, it’s water – our associates are using it to wash down the gels.
  • Edgeless Safety Cubes: Aperture Science is taking care of the test subjects’ safety, so our latest innovation is the sphere-shaped Edgeless Safety Cube, which reduces the chance of an accidental cut on the hand caused by the sharp edges of a standard Weighted Storage Cube – currently we are experimenting with this new device on robots.
  • Thermal Discouragement Beams: we are substituting the energy balls used in the previous test series with this, because according to our observations, we are disposing less test subjects with this (so it isn’t lethal – at least till a certain level).
  • Weighted Pivot Cubes: the Thermal Discouragement Beams can be projected to the desired direction with this device, and at the same time, it can be used as a Weighted Storage Cube.
  • Potato Batteries: because the scientific researches should not stop, Aperture Science prepared for the extreme conditions: the premises will be operational even when the available voltage drops down to 1.1 volts – so we stored a few hundred thousand potatoes to ensure this minimal electricity (thanks to Valve Corporation for organizing a special potato sale for their and our customers).

Portal 2

Portal 2

During this series of tests, our test subjects are introduced to the history of Aperture Science: they can learn about the founder and first CEO, Cave Johnson, his work form shower curtains until his death and his scientific heritage until now. Even more the venerated test subject can meet Wheatley, who has not just a thick British accent, but he cannot stop talking: that’s why we had to declare him defective (he cannot be one of GLaDOS’ personality cores), but he is capable of look after our test subjects – and according to their feedback, they really like him because the find him –ahem- funny. We, at Aperture Science, don’t understand how can such a rail-driven blabbering machine funny, but since its scientific significance is negligible, we don’t care about it much.

Portal 2

According to our calculations, those test subjects who have participated in the previous test series solved these tests in 7.84 hours average; while for the rookies, it takes a middling of 2.62 hours longer. Many of our test subjects are pleased to do the tests again (even more than once), but others noted that they are not that interesting for the second time, so they would not take advantage of doing them again. Nevertheless, Aperture Science would like to declare: we wanted to spice up these test with many small details for the sake of science, so we think it worth to do the tests again – the rewards will manifest in special achievements.

Portal 2

The cooperative mode is currently unavailable for humans, but our robots are really enjoying it – they solve the coop test in 5.98 hours average. This is giving us some worries, since essentially robots should not enjoy anything, but they started to behave like humans and this is frightening. The different gestures are more or less alright (for example slapping two hands together – also known as “high five”), but wearing different hull paints (“skins”) and hats is more than strange, and the rock-paper-scissors game beats everything! Well, we don’t want to ruin the fun here at Aperture Science, so each of our robot can personalize themselves for some charge – and we are examining the scientific effects of this. (I would like to make a small note here: this step divided the scientific community, since many people think that this “fancy bazaar” is unnecessary, but we have to finance our tests somehow.) Due to our constant development a special communications device has been installed on the robots, so they can easily issue icon-based commands. Furthermore, they can connect to each other’s visual feed, so they can see what the other sees, and this enables an even better teamwork. Additionally we would like to emphasize the fact that we made three platform-based robots to work together, these platforms are Windows, Mac and PlayStation 3 – unfortunately, the Xbox360 platform robots are isolated at this time from the others, so they can cooperate only between themselves.

Portal 2

Our dear test subject! As you can see, you gain numerous advantages if you join our scientific crew and participate in our tests. Although the cake promised as a reward for the first test series has run out, but if you succeed, GLaDOS will sing a new song appreciating your effort. All you have to is signing the contract, then Wheatley will escort to your room where we hibernate you and we will wake you up when you are needed.
Welcome to Aperture Science!
Best regards,
Stephen Sherokee
Chief Human Resource Manager
Aperture Science Laboratories and Enrichment Center

Portal 2
Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2Portal 2


Portal 2

Minimális rendszerigény: Pentium 4 GHz/Dual Core 2 GHz/Athlon 64 X2 processzor, 1 GB RAM (Vista/Win7: 2 GB), 128 MB-os videokártya Pixel Shader 2.0 támogatással (GeForce 7600/Radeon X800/Intel HD Graphics 2000 vagy jobb), 7,6 GB HDD
grafika 8
hangok 9
játszhatóság 10
hangulat 10
Portal 2
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Portal 2

hozzászólások (19)

Sityi 2011.04.29. 09:12
Azért adtam a grafikára 8 pontot, mert bár művészileg nagyon ott van a játék látványvilága, a Source motor ma már meglehetősen öregecskének számít, és bizony vannak a piacon szebb motorok is nála. De a 8-as pontszám még nem azt jelenti, hogy ronda lenne, sőt!
Gump 2011.04.29. 09:13
És ettől szar lesz? Semmi baj nincs a grafikájával, de tényleg nem 10 pont. Mi 10 pont most amúgy szerinted?
Yourmom 2011.05.28. 21:05
Most jatszottam ki! Ez a jatek egyszeruen zsenialis!!!!:'DD Ennyi jo dumat-szovegett regen nem hallottam, es milyen sok volt! Annyit hozza fuznek a cikkhez hogy en a hangra 10 et adtam volna! Mert sok fps ben a duma, meg csak fele ennyire nem jo, es itt 10 et szoktak kapni. ennel meg komolyan minden a helyen volt. A masik hogy map editort hol lehet ehez letolteni? Vagy lehet egyaltalan? Megkoszonem annak aki segit!:) Amugy nagyon remelem hogy lessz 3-ik resz, es tovabbra is ilyen kreativak maradnak a Valves sracok :D
david139 2011.05.28. 22:31
Nem is tudtam, hogy a csövekben nincs gravitáció!!!!!!!:O wtf? hogy jön ide a zéró gravitáció, de tényleg?

Gump: Olvasd újra a kommentemet, és másold már be belőle azt a részt, ahol azt írom, hogy szar. Azt írtam, nem 10. Azért, mert jó játék, még nem fog a grafra is 10-et kapni, ha nem ér annyit, ennyi.

10-es graf pl a Dirt 3.
Yourmom 2011.05.29. 01:11
Ennek azert van jo oldala is h nincs fullos grafikaja:D Pl a regebbi konfigok is viszik. Igy tobben veszik a gamet. A masik meg szerintem nagyon jol optimalizalt is lett!:D
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