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Válasz 02.04.12. 21:51 #3
Pete Croft
Neem, dehogyis
Ezt a Hardwired -ből másoltam ide, mert innen gyorsabban lehet elérni
₪Egy Gyűrű mind fölött, Egy Gyűrű kegyetlen, Egy a sötétbe zár, bilincs az Egyetlen...₪
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Válasz 02.04.12. 14:42 #2
És ezt mind fejből tudod?????

A karácsony jó lesz

Szokás szerint...
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Válasz 02.04.12. 14:30 #1
Pete Croft
a mondat elején a Játék proggy neve, a másik fele pedig a cégje:

2002. április
Age of Sail 2: The Privateer TalonSoft
Anno 1503 Sunflowers GmbH
Arx Fatalis Fishtank Interactive
Beam Breakers Fishtank Interactive
Blood Omen 2 Eidos
Cultures 2 JoWood
Dungeon Siege Microsoft
Endless Ages Endless Games
FIFA World Cup 2002 Electronic Arts
Knights of the Cross CENEGA
OnlineWorms Wizgate
Paradise Cracked Buka Entertainment
Phantasy Star Online Empire Interactive
Project 1
Reality Deathmatch JoWood
Savage Skies
Stealth Combat Modern Games
Team Factor Singularity Software
The Sims: Vacation EA
The Troma Project Zuxxez
They Came From Hollywood Octopus Motor
Trade Wars
Trains & Trucks Tycoon UbiSoft
War Commander CDV Software
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Havas Interactive
Worms Blast Playman
Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal THQ International

2002. május
1914: The Great War Fishtank Interactive
Age of Wonders II Gathering of Developers
Archangel Fishtank Interactive
Army Men: RTS 3DO
Black Moon Chronicles Cryo
Conflict: Desert Storm SCi
Delta Force: Task Force Dagger Novalogic Inc.
Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza Sierra
Divine Divinity CDV Software
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Arush Entertainment
Dune Generations Cryo Interactive
Earth & Beyond Electronic Arts
Echelon: Wind Warriors Bethesda Softworks
F1 2002 EA
F1 Racing Championship 2 Ubisoft
Fahrenheit Quantic Dream
Freedom Force Crave Entertainment & EA
Galactic Battlegrounds addon Lucas Arts
Good Cop Bad Cop
Grand Theft Auto 3 Take 2
Haegemonia: Legions of Iron Cryo Interactive
Hotel Giant JoWood
Icewind Dale II Interplay
Imperium Galactica III CDV Software
King of the Road Ascaron Software
Mafia: City of Lost Heaven Take 2
Magic The Gathering Online Wizards of the Coast
MechWarrior 4: Mech Pak Microsoft Corp.
Micro Commandos Monte Christo
Mobile Forces
Neocron Reakktor Media
New World Order
No Name War
Perimeter 1C
Posel Smrti Future Games
Praetorians Eidos
Project Entropia MindArk
Project IGI 2: Covert Strike Codemasters
Republic: The Revolution Eidos
Sea Dogs II
Soldier of Fortune 2 Activision
Spider-Man: The Movie Game Activision
Syberia Microids
Tactical Ops Infogrames
The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Ubisoft
Warzone Online
Yager THQ

2002. június
3rd World
Beach Life Eidos
Black Oazis Buka
Call of Cthulhu Fishtank Interactive
Citizen Zero Micro Forte
Cold Zero: The Last Stand JoWood
Combat Mission 2
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Sierra
Dragon Empires Codemasters
Endgame Empire Interactive
Eve: The Second Genesis CCP
Far West JoWood
Ghost Master Empire Interactive
Grand Prix 4 Infogrames
Hero X Infogrames
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Eidos
Impossible Creatures Microsoft
Industry Giant 2 JoWood
Janes Attack Squadron Xicat
Jazz and Faust 1C
Le Mans 24 Hours Infogrames
Medieval: Total War Activision
Moto XXX DarkBlack
MotoGP: Ultimate Racing THQ
Neverwinter Nights Infogrames
O.R.B. Strategy First
Operat.Flashpoint: Resistance Codemasters
Patrician II addon Strategy First
Prisoner of War Codemasters
Red Shark Buka Entertainment
Rogue Wars
Shadowbane Ubisoft
Story of Forestia ARAIDC
Sudden Strike 2 CDV Software
Taz Wanted Infogrames
TOCA Race Driver Codemasters
Unreal Tournament 2003 Infogrames
Wildlife Park FishTank Interactive

2002. július
Agassi Tennis Generation DreamCatcher
Battlefield 1942 EA
City of Heroes Cryptic Studios
Crazy Car Championship
Earth 2150: Lost Souls Zuxxez
G.I. Combat Talonsoft
Game of Death Burns Entertainment
Gooka 2
Grom CDV Software
Gun Metal Rage
Links 2003 Microsoft
Project Nine Zero
Roland Garros 2002 Wanadoo
Sniper Xicat
Venture Tycoon
World War II: Panzer Claws Zuxxez Entertainment
Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs Microsoft

2002. augusztus
Battlecruiser Millenium XP
Space Rangers
Star Trek Starfleet Command III Activision
Starmageddon: Project Earth Mindscape

2002. szeptember
Age of Mythology Microsoft
Curse Wanadoo
Ceská liga 2001 Ceskomoravský fotb.svaz
Dragon Lair 3D BlueByte Software
Escape from Alcatraz CDV Software
Iron Storm Wanadoo
KnightShift Zuxxez Entertainment
Lock On SSI
MARCH! Buka Entertainment
Natural Freedom
SWAT: Urban Justice Sierra

2002. október
Duality Phantagram
Fort Commander
Freelancer Microsoft
Master of Orion III Infogrames
Mercedes-Benz Champions TDK
Nexagon: The Pit Strategy First
Nomads CDV Software
One Must Fall: Battlegrounds
Sabotage: Fist of the Empire CDV Software
Shining Lore Phantagram
Spells of Gold Buka Entertainment
The Druid King
The Sims Online EA
The Thing Universal Interactive Studios
Titanium Angels SCI
White Fear
Xtreeme Forces

2002. november
Emp. Rise of the Middle Kingdom Sierra
Hidden & Dangerous 2 Take 2 Interactive
Medal of Honor: Team Assault EA
Midnight Nowhere Buka Entertainment
Rainbow Six: Raven Shield UbiSoft
Robin Hood: Def.of the Crown Cinemaware
Star Wars Galaxies Lucas Arts
Strident Phantagram
Tomb Raider Next Generation

2002. december
A Tale in The Desert
Ace of Angels
American Conquest
Asherons Call 2 Microsoft
BloodRayne Majesco
Brány Skeldalu 2
C&C: Generals EA
Casino Empire Sierra
Civil War: War Between States
Colin McRae Rally 3 Codemasters
Combat Flight Simulator 3 Microsoft
Deep Angel
Duke Nukem Forever Gathering of Developers
Gundam Dimps Digital Innovator
Chaser FishTank Interactive
Inquisition Wanadoo
Kreed Burut
Last Ninja: The Return
Lethal Dreams Boolat Game Development
Lord of the Rings Electronics Arts
Lords of the Realm III Sierra
Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter Electronic Arts
Myth of Soma
Neuro Russobit-M
No One Lives Forever 2 Sierra
Outcast II Infogrames
Pet Soccer
Phantom Crash Phantagram Interactive
Planetside Sony Online Entertainment
Port Royale
Prince of Qin Strategy First
Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc UbiSoft
Realm Wars
Redmoon Joy City
Shrapnel Ripcord Games
Sim City 4 EA
Simon the Sorcerer 3D Vivendi
Team Fortress 2 Sierra
Terminator Infogrames
The Great Qin Warriors
The Guild JoWood
The I of the Dragon
The I of the Dragon
Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness Eidos Interactive
Total Immersion Racing Empire Interactive
UFO: Aftermath Virgin Interactive
Underworld: Crime Does Pay
Unreal II Infogrames
Vivisector: Creat.of Dr.Moreau
Vultures CDV
Wanted: Dead or Alive
Warhammer Online
Warlords IV UbiSoft
Will Rock
WW II: Frontline Command Codemasters
Xpand Rally
Zero-G Marines Strategy First Inc.

2003. január
Broken Sword 3
Dredd vs. Death
Falcone: Into the Maelstorm Virgin Interactive
GoldenLand 2
Gothic 2
Nightfall Dragons
World Sports Cars
World War II
X-Isle: Dinosaur Island

2003. február
Psychotoxic CDV Software
The Y Project

2003. március
Blitzkrieg CDV Software
Dragonfarm Blackstar Interactive GmbH
EverQuest: The Plans of Power Sony
Painkiller Octagon Entertainment
Rabid Dogs 2 Zuxxez Entertainment
Rise of Nations Microsoft
Speedball Arena
Star Trek: Elite Force 2 Activision
SW: Knights of the Old Republic LucasArts
Vampire Hunter
XIII UbiSoft

2003. április
FireStarter GSC GameWorld
Silent Storm Fishtank Interactive
The Path to Zenrai

2003. május
FIA GT Championship Kalisto
No Mans Land CDV

2003. június
Call Sign: Charlie
Deus Ex 2 Eidos
Highland Warriors Data Becker

2003. július
Oblivion Lost GSC GameWorld

2003. augusztus
Robin Hood Wanadoo

2003. szeptember
Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars CDV
Lineage II NCsoft
Quake IV Activision
World of Warcraft
₪Egy Gyűrű mind fölött, Egy Gyűrű kegyetlen, Egy a sötétbe zár, bilincs az Egyetlen...₪

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