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04.12.08. 19:29
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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Developers Cut
Number of DVD(s).: 1 [68x50mb]

You are Riddick, the most wanted man in the universe in an original
story set before the events in Universal Pictures' The Chronicles of
Riddick (starring Vin Diesel), and the breakout hit Pitch Black, which
first introduced the enigmatic anti-hero Riddick. Make a dramatic
escape from Butcher Bay, the galaxy's deadliest prison, in this
intense fusion of first-person shooter, fighter and stealth adventure.


* "Normal mapping" technology creates vivid, intense environments
* Trademark "eyeshine" enables you to see in the dark
* Revolutionary design for seamless integration of stealth moves and
* Brutal hand-to-hand combat with fists or shivs

New Features for PC:

* Player controlled Riot Guard - get in and attack
* Two NEW areas packed with high-action gameplay
* New enemies including inmates with body armor and other defensive
* Exclusive "Developer's Commentary" allow players to hear what the
developer of the game has to say