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02.09.07. 11:32
Final Fantasy X PAL version Guide / version 2.21 / September 5th 2002
Written by Split Infinity <>

Fastest search engine ever!!!
Step 1: Scroll down until Page 3.
Step 2: FFX Encyclopaedia is before you.
Step 3: Find a phrase you're looking for. Listing is in alphabetical order.
Step 4: Note the code number next to the phrase you found.
Step 5: Press CTRL + F at same time, then type in code number.
Step 6: Press 'Enter' two times.
Step 7: Voila! What you've looked for is found.


- Version 2.21 (5th Sep 2002)
# In case you have difficulties finding certain fiends, take a look at my handy
(and now fully covered) Monster Encounter informator.
# Progress has been made on Blitzball section. It now contains information on
all of the abilities players can learn and info on statuses players can be
inflicted with.
# You're welcome to send me your thoughts, corrections and suggestions on what
you'd like to see in this guide. My e-mail address can be found at the top and
bottom of this guide.



1. Latest Updates Information

2. You're reading this right now.

3. Final Fantasy X Encyclopaedia
838 entries so far.

4. Legal information section (Read!)

5. Abbreviation section

6. Sphere Grid informator
FINISHED! Send me questions about it and I'll try to answer them.

7. Sphere Grid Guide
COMPLETE! Suggestions welcome.

8. Walkthrough
FINISHED! Corrected some typos.

9. Status informator
Nothing new for this update.

10. Overdrive informator
Nothing new for this update.

11. Overdrive mode informator
Nothing new for this update.

12. Item informator
Nothing new for this update.

13. Key Item informator

14. Aeon informator
Nothing new for this update.

15. Weapon abilities informator
Nothing new for this update.

16. Armor abilities informator
Nothing new for this update.

17. White Magic informator
Nothing new for this update.

18. Black Magic informator
Nothing new for this update.

19. Special abilities informator
Nothing new for this update.

20. Skills informator
Nothing new for this update.

21. Weapons informator

22. Armors informator

23. Shops informator
COMPLETE! (Need to add abilities of weapons/armor for first 15 shops)

24. Monster Encounter informator
Updated and almost done. There are few rare encounters still missing.

25. Monster informator

26. Sidequests informator
Nothing new for this update.

27. Monster Arena informator

28. Dark Aeons informator

29. Hints and tips
Nothing new for this update.

30. Battle quotes section
Nothing new for this update.

31. Action Replay 2 (AR2) Codes
Any playable character in need of codes? Come here!

32. Blitzball informator
Updated with status info and abilities info.

33. Affection informator
Working on it.

34. Frequently Asked Questions
4 questions so far.

35. Previous Revision history / Updates

36. Stuff still needed to be done

37. Credits

38. Contact Info



Q1 - What is this encyclopaedia? Why would I even need it?
A1 - As you can see, this guide grows bigger with each update. And finding what
you're looking for becomes harder and harder. This inspired me to create this
section - a unique search engine. I bet this hasn't been done ever.

Q2 - Okay, sounds good. What am I going to find in it?
A2 - What you will find here is an alphabetical list of every item, magic,
weapon, enemy etc. etc.

Q3 - Nothing special. I can make one of my own, if I wish...
A3 - What will be so special about this alphabetical list, you ask? Let me tell
you then. Each entry shall be given a specific code number. I may break up a
single entry into more sub-entries, in which case more code numbers will be

Q4 - Care to explain?
A4 - Example? Certainly.
I will make an entry 'Optional boss' with two sub-entries: Optional boss itself
and a 'Sidekick'. Boss will receive code number of XBOSS. Sidekick will receive
code number of XBOSX. Now this alone isn't enough. What is enough, tho', is
that further in the guide I will make another marker of XBOSX, which will
denote the part of guide where you are able to find boss strategy for this guy.

Q5 - How is that going to help me jump straight to what I need?
A5 - Let's say you'd need a strategy to help defeat 'Optional boss'. So you
look into this encyclopaedia... you look up 'Optional boss' which would appear
like this:
Optional Boss (boss creature) ---> XBOSS
Take note of code number at the end. Now press CTRL + F at same time. In the
pup-up window type in XBOSS and press Enter twice to be taken to what you're
looking for. No hassle whatsoever. Speed satisfaction is guaranteed.

Q6 - Sounds good enough to me to try it.
A6 - Sounds excellent to me. And I'm going to work on it.

Q7 - There are few phrases which mean different things.
A7 - I took care of that as well. Following a phrase is a pair of parentheses
in which a brief description of what the phrase is - fiend, item, boss etc.
Here are all brief description criterias so far:

Aeon's Overdrive
Aeon's special attack
Area creation fiend
Armor ability
Black magic
Boss creature
Celestial weapon
Celestial weapon upgrade
Dark aeon
Key item
Movie sequence
Musical score
Original creation fiend
Overdrive mode
Overdrive skill
Skill command
Special command
Special sphere
Species creation fiend
Sub-boss creature
Weapon ability
Weapon lists
White magic

Additional note: By throwing a quick view in the list, you may notice that some
names are abbreviated. That's because these names are spoilers. The only way
for these entries to be included was like this. I'm certain however, that if
you'll need quick info on such an entry, you'll have no problem finding it.



A. Aeon (boss creature) ---> A000
Abaddon (area creation fiend) ---> A001
Abaddon Flame (Overdrive skill) ---> A682
Ability Distiller (item) ---> A002
Ability Distiller (status) ---> A732
Ability Sphere (item) ---> A003
Abyss Worm (area creation fiend) ---> A004
Accuracy Sphere (item) ---> A005
Achelous (fiend) ---> A006
Action Replay 2 codes (codes) ---> A007
Adamantoise (fiend) ---> A008
Aeon's Soul (key item) ---> A771
Aerospark (aeon's special attack) ---> A736
Aerouge (fiend) ---> A009
Affection (informator section on Tidus' 'love quest') ---> A837
Agility Sphere (item) ---> A010
Ahriman (fiend) ---> A011
Aim (special command) ---> A012
Airship coordinates (sidequest) ---> A013
Airship passwords (sidequest) ---> A014
Al Bhed Potion (item) ---> A015
Al Bhed Primer I (key item) ---> A788
Al Bhed Primer II (key item) ---> A789
Al Bhed Primer III (key item) ---> A790
Al Bhed Primer IV (key item) ---> A791
Al Bhed Primer V (key item) ---> A792
Al Bhed Primer VI (key item) ---> A793
Al Bhed Primer VII (key item) ---> A794
Al Bhed Primer VIII (key item) ---> A795
Al Bhed Primer IX (key item) ---> A796
Al Bhed Primer X (key item) ---> A797
Al Bhed Primer XI (key item) ---> A798
Al Bhed Primer XII (key item) ---> A799
Al Bhed Primer XIII (key item) ---> A800
Al Bhed Primer XIV (key item) ---> A801
Al Bhed Primer XV (key item) ---> A802
Al Bhed Primer XVI (key item) ---> A803
Al Bhed Primer XVII (key item) ---> A804
Al Bhed Primer XVIII (key item) ---> A805
Al Bhed Primer XIX (key item) ---> A806
Al Bhed Primer XX (key item) ---> A807
Al Bhed Primer XXI (key item) ---> A808
Al Bhed Primer XXII (key item) ---> A809
Al Bhed Primer XXIII (key item) ---> A810
Al Bhed Primer XXIV (key item) ---> A811
Al Bhed Primer XXV (key item) ---> A812
Al Bhed Primer XXVI (key item) ---> A813
Alchemy (weapon ability) ---> A016
Alcyone (fiend) ---> A017
Ally (Overdrive mode) ---> A018
Amulet (item) ---> A019
Anacondaur (fiend) ---> A020
Anima (aeon) ---> A737
Antarctic Wind (item) ---> A021
Antidote (item) ---> A022
Aqua Breath (Overdrive skill) ---> A023
Aqua Flan (fiend) ---> A024
Aqua Toxin (Overdrive skill) ---> A691
Arctic Wind (item) ---> A025
Armor Break (skill command) ---> A026
Armor Break (status) ---> A027
Armors informator (armors list) ---> A825
Attack Reels (Overdrive skill) ---> A028
Attribute Sphere (item) ---> A029
Aurochs Reels (Overdrive skill) ---> A030
Auron's Sphere (special sphere) ---> A667
Auron's weapons (weapon list) ---> A823
Auron's armors (armor list) ---> A831
Auto-Haste (armor ability) ---> A031
Auto-Life (status) ---> A032
Auto-Life (white magic) ---> A033
Auto-Med (armor ability) ---> A034
Auto-Phoenix (armor ability) ---> A035
Auto-Potion (armor ability) ---> A036
Auto-Protect (armor ability) ---> A037
Auto-Reflect (armor ability) ---> A038
Auto-Regen (armor ability) ---> A039
Auto-Shell (armor ability) ---> A040
Avenger (Overdrive mode) ---> A041


Baaj Temple (sidequest) ---> A042
Bad Breath (Overdrive skill) ---> A043
Bahamut (aeon) ---> A738
Bandersnatch (fiend) ---> A044
Banishing Blade (Overdrive skill) ---> A045
Barbatos (fiend) ---> A046
Bashura (fiend) ---> A047
Basilisk (fiend) ---> A048
Bat Eye (fiend) ---> A049
Behemoth (fiend) ---> A050
Behemoth King (fiend) ---> A051
Berserk (status) ---> A052
Berserkproof (armor ability) ---> A053
Berserk Ward (armor ability) ---> A054
Br. F. Aeon (boss creature) ---> A055
-> Yu-Pagoda (sub-boss creature) ---> A664
Bio (black magic) ---> A056
Bite Bug (fiend) ---> A057
Black Ice (Overdrive skill) ---> A696
Black Element (fiend) ---> A058
Black Hole (Overdrive skill) ---> A699
Black Magic Sphere (item) ---> A059
Blaster Mine (Overdrive skill) ---> A674
Blessed Gem (item) ---> A060
Blizzaga (black magic) ---> A061
Blizzara (black magic) ---> A062
Blizzard (black magic) ---> A063
Blitz Ace (Overdrive skill) ---> A064
Blitzball informator ---> A833
Blossom Crown (key item) ---> A814
Blue Element (fiend) ---> A065
Bomb (fiend) ---> A066
Bomb Core (item) ---> A067
Bomb Fragment (item) ---> A068
Bomb King (species creation fiend) ---> A069
Braska's Sphere (special sphere) ---> A667
Break Damage Limit (weapon ability) ---> A070
Break HP Limit (armor ability) ---> A071
Break MP Limit (armor ability) ---> A072
Bribe (special command) ---> A073
Brimstone (Overdrive skill) ---> A681
B. Ronso (boss creature) ---> A074
Buer (fiend) ---> A075
Bunyip (fiend) ---> A076
Burning Soul (Overdrive skill) ---> A680
Bushido (Overdrive) ---> A077
Butterfly Catcher (sidequest) ---> A078


Cactuar (fiend) ---> A079
Cactuar Hunter (sidequest) ---> A080
Cactuar King (area creation fiend) ---> A081
Caladbolg (celestial weapon) ---> A082
Calamity Bomb (Overdrive skill) ---> A676
Camisade (aeon's special attack) ---> A739
Candle of Life (item) ---> A083
Capture (weapon ability) ---> A084
Catastrophe (original creation fiend) ---> A085
Catoblepas (area creation fiend) ---> A086
Cave Iguion (fiend) ---> A087
Cavern of the S. F. (sidequest) ---> A088
Celestial Mirror (key item) ---> A767
Celestial Weapons (sidequest) ---> A089
Chaos Grenade (Overdrive skill) ---> A677
Character's in-battle quotes (quotes) ---> A090
Cheer (special command) ---> A091
Chimera (fiend) ---> A092
Chimera Brain (fiend) ---> A093
Chimerageist (area creation fiend) ---> A094
Chocobo Eater (boss creature) ---> A095
Chocobo Feather (item) ---> A096
Chocobo Trainer (sidequest) ---> A097
Chocobo Wing (item) ---> A098
Clear Sphere (item) ---> A099
Cloudy Mirror (key item) ---> A766
Cluster Bomb (Overdrive skill) ---> A672
Coeurl (fiend) ---> A100
Coeurlregina (area creation fiend) ---> A101
Comrade (Overdrive mode) ---> A102
Condor (fiend) ---> A103
Confuseproof (armor ability) ---> A104
Confuse Ward (armor ability) ---> A105
Confusion (status) ---> A106
Copycat (special command) ---> A107
Counter-Attack (weapon ability) ---> A108
Coward (Overdrive mode) ---> A109
Crawler (boss creature) ---> A110
-> Negator (sub-boss creature) ---> A111
Cura (white magic) ---> A112
Curaga (white magic) ---> A113
Cure (white magic) ---> A114
Curse (status) ---> A115
Curseproof (armor ability) ---> A116


Daigoro (aeon's special attack) ---> A740
Dancer (Overdrive mode) ---> A117
Daredevil (Overdrive mode) ---> A118
Dark A. Aeon (dark aeon) ---> A119
Dark Attack (skill command) ---> A120
Dark B. Aeon (dark aeon) ---> A121
Dark Buster (skill command) ---> A122
Dark Element (fiend) ---> A123
Dark Flan (fiend) ---> A124
Dark If. Aeon (dark aeon) ---> A125
Dark Ix. Aeon (dark aeon) ---> A126
Dark M. S. Aeon (dark aeon) ---> A127
Dark Matter (item) ---> A128
Dark Rain (Overdrive skill) ---> A692
Dark S. Aeon (dark aeon) ---> A129
Darkness (status) ---> A130
Darkproof (armor ability) ---> A131
Darkstrike (weapon ability) ---> A132
Darktouch (weapon ability) ---> A133
Dark V. Aeon (dark aeon) ---> A134
Dark Y. Aeon (dark aeon) ---> A135
Dark Ward (armor ability) ---> A136
Death (black magic) ---> A137
Deathproof (armor ability) ---> A138
Deathstrike (weapon ability) ---> A139
Deathtouch (weapon ability) ---> A140
Death Ward (armor ability) ---> A141
Defence +3% (armor ability) ---> A142
Defence +5% (armor ability) ---> A143
Defence +10% (armor ability) ---> A144
Defence +20% (armor ability) ---> A145
Defence Sphere (item) ---> A146
Defender (fiend) ---> A147
Defender X (boss creature) ---> A148
Defender Z (fiend) ---> A149
Delay Attack (skill command) ---> A150
Delay Buster (skill command) ---> A151
Delta Attack (aeon's Overdrive) ---> A741
Demi (black magic) ---> A152
Demonolith (fiend) ---> A153
Designer Wallet (item) ---> A154
Diamond Dust (aeon's Overdrive) ---> A742
Dingo (fiend) ---> A155
Dinonix (fiend) ---> A156
Dispel (white magic) ---> A157
Distil Ability (weapon ability) ---> A158
Distil Mana (weapon ability) ---> A159
Distil Power (weapon ability) ---> A160
Distil Speed (weapon ability) ---> A161
Don Tonberry (area creation fiend) ---> A162
Doom (Overdrive skill) ---> A163
Doom (status) ---> A164
Door to Tomorrow (item) ---> A165
Double AP (weapon ability) ---> A166
Doublecast (special command) ---> A167
Double Overdrive (weapon ability) ---> A168
Dragon Fang (Overdrive skill) ---> A169
Dragon Scale (item) ---> A170
Drain (black magic) ---> A171
Dream Powder (item) ---> A172
Dual Horn (fiend) ---> A173


Earth Eater (original creation fiend) ---> A174
Eccentrick (Overdrive skill) ---> A731
Echo Screen (item) ---> A175
Eject (status) ---> A765
Electro Marble (item) ---> A176
Electroshock (Overdrive skill) ---> A686
Element Reels (Overdrive skill) ---> A177
Elixir (item) ---> A178
Elixir (Overdrive skill) ---> A706
Energy Blast (aeon's Overdrive) ---> A743
Energy Rain (Overdrive skill) ---> A179
Energy Ray (aeon's Overdrive) ---> A744
Entrust (special command) ---> A180
Epaaj (fiend) ---> A181
Espada (area creation fiend) ---> A182
Esuna (white magic) ---> A183
Ether (item) ---> A184
Evade & Counter (weapon ability) ---> A185
Evasion Sphere (item) ---> A186
Evil Eye (fiend) ---> A187
Evrae (boss creature) ---> A188
Evrae Altana (boss creature) ---> A189
Exoray (fiend) ---> A190
Extract Ability (skill command) ---> A191
Extract Mana (skill command) ---> A192
Extractor (boss creature) ---> A193
Extract Power (skill command) ---> A194
Extract Speed (skill command) ---> A195
Eye Drops (item) ---> A196


Fafnir (species creation fiend) ---> A197
Fallen Monk (fiend) ---> A198
Farplane Shadow (item) ---> A199
Farplane Wind (item) ---> A200
Fenrir (species creation fiend) ---> A201
Final Elixir (Overdrive skill) ---> A709
Final Phoenix (Overdrive skill) ---> A705
Fira (black magic) ---> A202
Firaga (black magic) ---> A203
Fire (black magic) ---> A204
Fire Breath (Overdrive skill) ---> A205
Fire Eater (armor ability) ---> A206
Fire Gem (item) ---> A207
Fireproof (armor ability) ---> A208
Firestorm (Overdrive skill) ---> A679
Firestrike (weapon ability) ---> A209
Fire Ward (armor ability) ---> A210
First Strike (weapon ability) ---> A211
Fish Scale (item) ---> A212
Flame Flan (fiend) ---> A213
Flare (black magic) ---> A214
Flash Flood (Overdrive skill) ---> A689
Flee (special command) ---> A215
Flint (key item) ---> A769
Floating Death (fiend) ---> A216
Floating Eye (fiend) ---> A217
Flower Sceptre (key item) ---> A815
Focus (special command) ---> A218
Fortune Sphere (item) ---> A219
Frag Grenade (item) ---> A220
Frag Grenade (Overdrive skill) ---> A669
Freedom (Overdrive skill) ---> A724
Freedom X (Overdrive skill) ---> A725
Friend Sphere (item) ---> A221
Full Break (skill command) ---> A222
Full-Life (white magic) ---> A223
Funguar (fiend) ---> A224
Fury (Overdrive) ---> A225


Gambler's Spirit (item) ---> A226
Gandarewa (fiend) ---> A227
Garm (fiend) ---> A228
Garuda (fiend) ---> A229
Gemini (fiend) ---> A230
Geosgaeno (boss creature) ---> A231
-> Geosgaeno rematch (second fight) --> A286
Ghost (fiend) ---> A232
Gillionare (weapon ability) ---> A233
Godhand (celestial weapon) ---> A234
Gold Element (fiend) ---> A235
Gold Hourglass (item) ---> A236
Grand Summon (Overdrive) ---> A237
Grat (fiend) ---> A238
Greater Sphere (original creation fiend) ---> A239
Great Malboro (fiend) ---> A240
Grenade (fiend) ---> A241
Grenade (item) ---> A242
Grenade (Overdrive skill) ---> A668
Grendel (fiend) ---> A243
Grothia (boss creature) ---> A244
Guado Guardian (fiend) ---> A245
Guard (special command) ---> A246


Half MP Cost (weapon ability) ---> A247
Halma (fiend) ---> A248
Haste (status) ---> A249
Haste (white magic) ---> A250
Hastega (white magic) ---> A251
Hazardous Shell (Overdrive skill) ---> A675
Healer (Overdrive mode) ---> A252
Healing Spring (item) ---> A253
Healing Water (item) ---> A254
Heat Blaster (Overdrive skill) ---> A678
Heavenly Strike (aeon's special attack) ---> A745
Hellfire (aeon's Overdrive) ---> A746
Hero (Overdrive mode) ---> A255
Hero Drink (Overdrive skill) ---> A728
Hints & Tips (helpful info) ---> A665
Hi-Potion (item) ---> A256
Holy (white magic) ---> A257
Holy Water (item) ---> A258
Hornet (species creation fiend) ---> A259
Hot Spurs (Overdrive skill) ---> A730
HP +5% (armor ability) ---> A260
HP +10% (armor ability) ---> A261
HP +20% (armor ability) ---> A262
HP +30% (armor ability) ---> A263
HP Sphere (item) ---> A264
HP Stroll (armor ability) ---> A265
Hypello Potion (item) ---> A266
Hyper Mana (Overdrive skill) ---> A723
Hyper Mighty G (Overdrive skill) ---> A717
Hyper NulAll (Overdrive skill) ---> A712
Hyper Vitality (Overdrive skill) ---> A720

Ice Eater (armor ability) ---> A267
Icefall (Overdrive skill) ---> A694
Ice Flan (fiend) ---> A268
Ice Gem (item) ---> A269
Iceproof (armor ability) ---> A270
Icestrike (weapon ability) ---> A271
Ice Ward (armor ability) ---> A272
Ifrit (aeon) ---> A747
Iguion (fiend) ---> A273
Imp (fiend) ---> A274
Impulse (aeon's special attack) ---> A748
Initiative (weapon ability) ---> A275
Ipiria (fiend) ---> A276
Ironclad (species creation fiend) ---> A277
Iron Giant (fiend) ---> A278
Ixion (aeon) ---> A749


Jecht's Sphere (key item) ---> A772
Jecht's Sphere (special sphere) ---> A667
Jinx (special command) ---> A279
Jormungand (area creation fiend) ---> A280
Juggernaut (species creation fiend) ---> A281
Jumbo Flan (species creation fiend) ---> A282
Jump (Overdrive skill) ---> A283
Jupiter Crest (celestial weapon upgrade) ---> A284
Jupiter Crest (key item) ---> A782
Jupiter Sigil (celestial weapon upgrade) ---> A285
Jupiter Sigil (key item) ---> A783


Killer Bee (fiend) ---> A287
Kimahri's weapons (weapon list) ---> A824
Kimahri's armors (armor list) ---> A832
Klikk (boss creature) ---> A288
KO (status) ---> A289
Kottos (area creation fiend) ---> A290
Kozuka (aeon's special attack) ---> A750
Krysta (Overdrive skill) ---> A697
Kusariqqu (fiend) ---> A291


Lancet (special command) ---> A292
Lamashtu (fiend) ---> A293
Land Worm (fiend) ---> A294
Larva (fiend) ---> A295
Left Fin (boss creature) ---> A296
Level 1 Key Sphere (item) ---> A297
Level 2 Key Sphere (item) ---> A298
Level 3 Key Sphere (item) ---> A299
Level 4 Key Sphere (item) ---> A300
Life (white magic) ---> A301
Light Curtain (item) ---> A302
Lightning Bolt (Overdrive skill) ---> A685
Lightning Dodger (sidequest) ---> A303
Lightning Eater (armor ability) ---> A304
Lightning Gem (item) ---> A305
Lightning Marble (item) ---> A306
Lightningproof (armor ability) ---> A307
Lightningstrike (weapon ability) ---> A308
Lightning Ward (armor ability) ---> A309
Loner (Overdrive mode) ---> A310
Lord Ochu (boss creature) ---> A311
Luck (special command) ---> A312
Luck Sphere (item) ---> A313
Lulu's weapons (weapon list) ---> A820
Lulu's armors (armor list) ---> A828
Lunar Curtain (item) ---> A314


Machea (fiend) ---> A315
Maelspike (fiend) ---> A316
Mafdet (fiend) ---> A317
Magic +3% (weapon ability) ---> A318
Magic +5% (weapon ability) ---> A319
Magic +10% (weapon ability) ---> A320
Magic +20% (weapon ability) ---> A321
Magic Booster (weapon ability) ---> A322
Magic Break (skill command) ---> A323
Magic Break (status) ---> A324
Magic Counter (weapon ability) ---> A325
Magic Defence +3% (armor ability) ---> A326
Magic Defence +5% (armor ability) ---> A327
Magic Defence +10% (armor ability) ---> A328
Magic Defence +20% (armor ability) ---> A329
Magic Defence Sphere (item) ---> A330
Magic Sphere (item) ---> A332
Magic Urn (fiend) ---> A333
Magus Sisters (aeon) ---> A751
Malboro (fiend) ---> A334
Malboro Menace (area creation fiend) ---> A335
Mana (Overdrive skill) ---> A721
Mana Distiller (item) ---> A331
Mana Distiller (status) ---> A734
Mana Sphere (item) ---> A336
Mana Spring (item) ---> A337
Mana Tablet (item) ---> A338
Mana Tonic (item) ---> A339
Mandragora (fiend) ---> A340
Map (item) ---> A341
Mark of Conquest (key item) ---> A816
Mars Crest (celestial weapon upgrade) ---> A342
Mars Crest (key item) ---> A778
Mars Sigil (celestial weapon upgrade) ---> A343
Mars Sigil (key item) ---> A779
Masamune (celestial weapon) ---> A344
Master Coeurl (fiend) ---> A345
Master Sphere (item) ---> A346
Master Thief (armor ability) ---> A347
Master Tonberry (fiend) ---> A348
Maze Larva (fiend) ---> A349
Mech Defender (fiend) ---> A350
Mech Guard (fiend) ---> A351
Mech Gunner (fiend) ---> A352
Mech Hunter (fiend) ---> A353
Mech Leader (fiend) ---> A354
Mech Scouter (fiend) ---> A355
Mega Flare (aeon's Overdrive) ---> A752
Megalixir (item) ---> A356
Megalixir (Overdrive skill) ---> A707
Mega Mana (Overdrive skill) ---> A722
Mega NulAll (Overdrive skill) ---> A711
Mega Phoenix (item) ---> A357
Mega Phoenix (Overdrive skill) ---> A704
Mega Potion (item) ---> A358
Mega Vitality (Overdrive skill) ---> A719
Melusine (fiend) ---> A359
Mental Break (skill command) ---> A360
Mental Break (status) ---> A361
Mercury Crest (celestial weapon upgrade) ---> A362
Mercury Crest (key item) ---> A786
Mercury Sigil (celestial weapon upgrade) ---> A363
Mercury Sigil (key item) ---> A787
Meteor Strike (aeon's special attack) ---> A753
Mi'ihen Fang (fiend) ---> A364
Mighty G (Overdrive skill) ---> A715
Mighty Guard (Overdrive skill) ---> A365
Mighty Wall (Overdrive skill) ---> A714
Mimic (fiend) ---> A366
Miracle Drink (Overdrive skill) ---> A729
Mix (Overdrive) ---> A367
Monster Arena (sidequest) ---> A368
Monster encounters (info on what fiends to fight where) ---> A834
Moon Crest (celestial weapon upgrade) ---> A369
Moon Crest (key item) ---> A776
Moon Sigil (celestial weapon upgrade) ---> A370
Moon Sigil (key item) ---> A777
Movie Sphere (movie sequence) ---> A371
MP +5% (armor ability) ---> A372
MP +10% (armor ability) ---> A373
MP +20% (armor ability) ---> A374
MP +30% (armor ability) ---> A375
MP Sphere (item) ---> A376
MP Stroll (armor ability) ---> A377
Mug (skill command) ---> A378
Murussu (fiend) ---> A379
Music Sphere (musical scores) ---> A380
Mushussu (fiend) ---> A381
Musk (item) ---> A382


Nab Gil (skill command) ---> A383
Nebiros (fiend) ---> A384
Nega Burst (Overdrive skill) ---> A698
Nega Elemental (species creation fiend) ---> A385
Nemesis (original creation fiend) ---> A386
Neslug (original creation fiend) ---> A387
Nidhogg (fiend) ---> A388
Nirvana (celestial weapon) ---> A389
No AP (weapon ability) ---> A390
No Encounters (armor ability) ---> A391
Nova (Overdrive skill) ---> A392
NulAll (Overdrive skill) ---> A710
NulBlaze (status) ---> A393
NulBlaze (white magic) ---> A394
NulFrost (status) ---> A395
NulFrost (white magic) ---> A396
NulShock (status) ---> A397
NulShock (white magic) ---> A398
NulTide (status) ---> A399
NulTide (white magic) ---> A400


Oblitzerator (boss creature) ---> A401
Oblivion (aeon's Overdrive) ---> A754
Ochu (fiend) ---> A402
Octopus (fiend) ---> A403
Ogre (fiend) ---> A404
O. Ruins (sidequest) ---> A405
Omega Weapon (boss creature) ---> A406
One-Eye (species creation fiend) ---> A407
One MP Cost (weapon ability) ---> A408
Onion Knight (celestial weapon) ---> A409
Ornitholestes (species creation fiend) ---> A410
Osmose (black magic) ---> A411
Overdrive -> AP (weapon ability) ---> A412


Pain (aeon's special attack) ---> A755
Panacea (Overdrive skill) ---> A702
Passado (aeon's special attack) ---> A756
Penance (boss creature) ---> A413
Pendulum (item) ---> A414
Petrification (status) ---> A415
Petrify Grenade (item) ---> A416
Phlegyas (fiend) ---> A417
Phoenix Down (item) ---> A418
Pickpocket (armor ability) ---> A419
Piercing (weapon ability) ---> A420
Pineapple (Overdrive skill) ---> A670
Pilfer Gil (special command) ---> A421
Piranha (fiend) ---> A422
Poison (status) ---> A423
Poison Fang (item) ---> A424
Poisonproof (armor ability) ---> A425
Poisonstrike (weapon ability) ---> A426
Poisontouch (weapon ability) ---> A427
Poison Ward (armor ability) ---> A428
Potato Masher (Overdrive skill) ---> A671
Potion (item) ---> A429
Power Break (skill command) ---> A430
Power Break (status) ---> A431
Power Distiller (item) ---> A432
Power Distiller (status) ---> A735
Power Sphere (item) ---> A433
Pray (special command) ---> A434
Protect (status) ---> A435
Protect (white magic) ---> A436
Provoke (special command) ---> A437
Provoke (status) ---> A438
Pterya (boss creature) ---> A439
Pteryx (species creation fiend) ---> A440
Purifying Salt (item) ---> A441
Puroboros (fiend) ---> A442


Qactuar (fiend) ---> A443
Qaurtet of 9 (Overdrive skill) ---> A726
Quick Hit (skill command) ---> A444
Quick Pockets (special command) ---> A445


Ragora (fiend) ---> A446
Raldo (fiend) ---> A447
Raptor (fiend) ---> A448
Razzia (aeon's special attack) ---> A757
Red Element (fiend) ---> A449
Reflect (status) ---> A450
Reflect (white magic) ---> A451
Reflex (special command) ---> A452
Regen (status) ---> A453
Regen (white magic) ---> A454
Remedy (item) ---> A455
Remiem Temple (sidequest) ---> A456
Remora (fiend) ---> A457
Rename Card (item) ---> A458
Return Sphere (item) ---> A459
Ribbon (armor ability) ---> A460
Right Fin (boss creature) ---> A461
Rikku's weapons (weapon list) ---> A821
Rikku's armors (armor list) ---> A829
Rolling Thunder (Overdrive skill) ---> A684
Ronso Rage (Overdrive) ---> A462
Rook (Overdrive mode) ---> A463
Rusty Sword (key item) ---> A773


S. (boss creature) ---> A464
-> Guado Guardian (sub-boss creature) ---> A465
Sahagin (fiend) ---> A466
Sahagin Chief (fiend) ---> A467
Sanctuary Keeper (boss creature) ---> A468
Sandragora (fiend) ---> A469
Sand Wolf (fiend) ---> A470
Sand Worm (fiend) ---> A471
Saturn Crest (celestial weapon upgrade) ---> A472
Saturn Crest (key item) ---> A780
Saturn Sigil (celestial weapon upgrade) ---> A473
Saturn Sigil (key item) ---> A781
Scan (white magic) ---> A474
Seed Cannon (Overdrive skill) ---> A475
Self-Destruct (Overdrive skill) ---> A476
Sensor (weapon ability) ---> A477
Sentinel (special command) ---> A478
S. Flux (boss creature) ---> A479
-> Mortiorchis (sub-boss creature) ---> A480
Shadow Gem (item) ---> A481
Shell (status) ---> A482
Shell (white magic) ---> A483
Shining Gem (item) ---> A484
Shining Thorn (item) ---> A485
Shinryu (original creation fiend) ---> A486
Shiva (aeon) ---> A758
Shooting Star (Overdrive skill) ---> A487
Shops informator (info on what shops sell) ---> A835
Shred (fiend) ---> A488
Silence (status) ---> A489
Silence Attack (skill command) ---> A490
Silence Buster (skill command) ---> A491
Silence Grenade (item) ---> A492
Silenceproof (armor ability) ---> A493
Silencestrike (weapon ability) ---> A494
Silencetouch (weapon ability) ---> A495
Silence Ward (armor ability) ---> A496
Silver Hourglass (item) ---> A497
Simurgh (fiend) ---> A498
Sin (boss creature) ---> A499
-> second attempt ---> A661
-> third attempt ---> A662
Sinscale (fiend) ---> A500
Sinspawn Ammes (boss creature) ---> A501
Sinspawn Echuilles (boss creature) ---> A502
Sinspawn Genais (sub-boss creature) ---> A663
Sinspawn Geneaux (boss creature) ---> A503
-> Geneaux's Tentacle (sub-boss creature) ---> A504
Sinspawn Gui (boss creature) ---> A505
-> Head (sub-boss creature) ---> A506
-> Arm (sub-boss creature) ---> A507
Skill Sphere (item) ---> A508
Skoll (fiend) ---> A509
Slayer (Overdrive mode) ---> A510
Sleep (status) ---> A511
Sleep Attack (skill command) ---> A512
Sleep Buster (skill command) ---> A513
Sleeping Powder (item) ---> A514
Sleepproof (armor ability) ---> A515
Sleep Sprout (species creation fiend) ---> A516
Sleepstrike (weapon ability) ---> A517
Sleeptouch (weapon ability) ---> A518
Sleep Ward (armor ability) ---> A519
Slice & Dice (Overdrive skill) ---> A520
Slots (Overdrive) ---> A521
Slow (status) ---> A522
Slow (white magic) ---> A523
Slowga (white magic) ---> A524
Slowproof (armor ability) ---> A525
Slowstrike (weapon ability) ---> A526
Slowtouch (weapon ability) ---> A527
Slow Ward (armor ability) ---> A528
Smoke Bomb (item) ---> A529
S. Natus (boss creature) ---> A530
-> Mortibody (sub-boss creature) ---> A531
Snow Flan (fiend) ---> A532
Snow Flurry (Overdrive skill) ---> A693
Snow Wolf (fiend) ---> A533
Soft (item) ---> A534
S. Omnis (boss creature) ---> A535
-> Mortiphasm (sub-boss creature) ---> A536
Sonic Wings (aeon's special attack) ---> A759
SOS Haste (armor ability) ---> A537
SOS NulBlaze (armor ability) ---> A538
SOS NulFrost (armor ability) ---> A539
SOS NulShock (armor ability) ---> A540
SOS NulTide (armor ability) ---> A541
SOS Overdrive (weapon ability) ---> A542
SOS Protect (armor ability) ---> A543
SOS Reflect (armor ability) ---> A544
SOS Regen (armor ability) ---> A545
SOS Shell (armor ability) ---> A546
Soul Spring (item) ---> A547
Spare Change (special command) ---> A548
Spathi (boss creature) ---> A549
Special Sphere (item) ---> A550
Spectral Keeper (boss creature) ---> A551
Speed Distiller (item) ---> A552
Speed Distiller (status) ---> A733
Speed Sphere (item) ---> A553
Sphere Grid (informator section) ---> A836
Spherimorph (boss creature) ---> A554
Spiral Cut (Overdrive skill) ---> A555
Spirit (fiend) ---> A556
Spirit Lance (celestial weapon) ---> A557
Splasher (fiend) ---> A558
Stamina Spring (item) ---> A559
Stamina Tablet (item) ---> A560
Stamina Tonic (item) ---> A561
Star Curtain (item) ---> A562
Status Reels (Overdrive skill) ---> A563
Steal (special command) ---> A564
Stoic (Overdrive mode) ---> A565
Stone Breath (Overdrive skill) ---> A566
Stoneproof (armor ability) ---> A567
Stonestrike (weapon ability) ---> A568
Stonetouch (weapon ability) ---> A569
Stone Ward (armor ability) ---> A570
Stratoavis (area creation fiend) ---> A571
Strength +3% (weapon ability) ---> A572
Strength +5% (weapon ability) ---> A573
Strength +10% (weapon ability) ---> A574
Strength +20% (weapon ability) ---> A575
Strength Sphere (item) ---> A576
Sufferer (Overdrive mode) ---> A577
Summoner's Soul (key item) ---> A770
Sunburst (Overdrive skill) ---> A700
Sun Crest (celestial weapon upgrade) ---> A578
Sun Crest (key item) ---> A774
Sun Sigil (celestial weapon upgrade) ---> A579
Sun Sigil (key item) ---> A775
Super Elixir (Overdrive skill) ---> A708
Super Mighty G (Overdrive skill) ---> A716
Supreme Gem (item) ---> A580
Swamp Mafdet (fiend) ---> A581
Swordplay (Overdrive) ---> A582


Tactician (Overdrive mode) ---> A583
Tanket (species creation fiend) ---> A584
Tallboy (Overdrive skill) ---> A673
Teleport Sphere (item) ---> A585
Tetra Elemental (item) ---> A586
Th'uban (original creation fiend) ---> A587
Thorn (fiend) ---> A588
Thor's Hammer (aeon's Overdrive) ---> A760
Threaten (special command) ---> A589
Threaten (status) ---> A590
Three Stars (item) ---> A591
Thrust Kick (Overdrive skill) ---> A592
Thundaga (black magic) ---> A593
Thundara (black magic) ---> A594
Thunder (black magic) ---> A595
Thunderblast (Overdrive skill) ---> A687
Thunderbolt (Overdrive skill) ---> A683
Thunder Flan (fiend) ---> A596
Tidal Wave (Overdrive skill) ---> A690
Tidus' weapons (weapon list) ---> A818
Tidus' armors (armor list) ---> A826
Tips & Hints (helpful info) ---> A665
Tonberry (fiend) ---> A597
Tornado (Overdrive skill) ---> A598
Trio of 9999 (Overdrive skill) ---> A727
Triple AP (weapon ability) ---> A599
Triple Foul (skill command) ---> A600
Triple Overdrive (weapon ability) ---> A601
Tros (boss creature) ---> A602
Turbo Ether (item) ---> A603
Twin Stars (item) ---> A604


Ultima (black magic) ---> A605
Ultima Buster (original creation fiend) ---> A606
Ultima Weapon (boss creature) ---> A607
Ultra Cure (Overdrive skill) ---> A703
Ultra NulAll (Overdrive skill) ---> A713
Ultra Potion (Overdrive skill) ---> A701
Underdog's Secret (item) ---> A608
Use (special command) ---> A609


Valaha (fiend) ---> A610
Valefor (aeon) ---> A761
Varuna (fiend) ---> A611
Venus Crest (celestial weapon upgrade) ---> A612
Venus Crest (key item) ---> A784
Venus Sigil (celestial weapon upgrade) ---> A613
Venus Sigil (key item) ---> A785
Victim (Overdrive mode) ---> A614
Victor (Overdrive mode) ---> A615
Vidatu (species creation fiend) ---> A616
Vitality (Overdrive skill) ---> A718
Vorban (area creation fiend) ---> A617
Vouivre (fiend) ---> A618


Wakizashi (aeon's special attack) ---> A762
Wakka's weapons (weapon list) ---> A822
Wakka's armors (armor list) ---> A830
Warrior Monk (fiend) ---> A619
Warrior (Overdrive mode) ---> A620
Warp Sphere (item) ---> A621
Wasp (fiend) ---> A622
Water (black magic) ---> A623
Watera (black magic) ---> A624
Water Eater (armor ability) ---> A625
Waterfall (Overdrive skill) ---> A688
Water Flan (fiend) ---> A626
Waterga (black magic) ---> A627
Water Gem (item) ---> A628
Waterproof (armor ability) ---> A629
Waterstrike (weapon ability) ---> A630
Water Ward (armor ability) ---> A631
Weapons informator (weapon lists) ---> A817
Wendigo (boss creature) ---> A632
-> Guado Guardian (sub-boss creature) ---> A633
White Element (fiend) ---> A634
White Magic Sphere (item) ---> A635
White Wind (Overdrive skill) ---> A636
Wings to Discovery (item) ---> A637
Winning Formula (item) ---> A638
Winter Storm (Overdrive skill) ---> A695
Withered Bouquet (key item) ---> A768
Worker (fiend) ---> A639
World Champion (celestial weapon) ---> A640
Wraith (fiend) ---> A641


X-Potion (item) ---> A642
Xiphos (fiend) ---> A643


Y. Aeon (boss creature) ---> A644
YAT-97 (fiend) ---> A645
YAT-99 (fiend) ---> A646
Yellow Element (fiend) ---> A647
YKT-11 (fiend) ---> A648
YKT-63 (fiend) ---> A649
Yojimbo (aeon) ---> A763
Yowie (fiend) ---> A650
Y. Ronso (boss creature) ---> A651
Yuna's weapons (weapon list) ---> A819
Yuna's armors (armor list) ---> A827
Y. Woman (boss creature) ---> A652


Zanmato (aeon's special attack) ---> A764
Zaurus (fiend) ---> A653
Zombie (status) ---> A654
Zombie Attack (skill command) ---> A654
Zombieproof (armor ability) ---> A656
Zombiestrike (weapon ability) ---> A657
Zombietouch (weapon ability) ---> A658
Zombie Ward (armor ability) ---> A659
Zu (fiend) ---> A660


??? (stealable treasure chest during battle) ---> A666

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Typing a lot sucks. Having abbreviations helps tremendously. Here're the
abbreviations I decided to use in my guide.

--> Boss parts within the Walkthrough section will be outlined as following:

1. Name:
Name of the boss

2. Boss' HP:
Hit Points boss has - once they reach zero, boss is defeated; the other value
you'll see here is how much damage you must inflict to achieve Overkill

3. Boss' MP:
Magic Points boss has

4. AP gained when boss is defeated:
XX / YY --> XX are AP you earn by defeating boss normally and YY are AP gained
for Overkill

5. Items stolen:
First item is usual steal, second item is rare steal

6. Items dropped:
First item is usual drop, second item is rare drop; if boss is Overkilled,
you usually receive double amount of that item

7. Gil earned:
Amount of gil received at end of battle

8. Items bribed:
Item you get by successfully bribing *some* bosses

9. Boss' status info:
Info here will vary a bit - I will go in following order:
- what is boss immune to
- success in percentage for certain statuses to be inflicted upon a boss
- poison percentage damage
- doom countdown
If there is a status NOT mentioned, this means you can inflict that status with
almost 100% probability.

10. Boss' stats info:
Information on boss' statistics, which will go like this...
Strength, Defence, Magic, Magic Defence, Agility, Luck, Evasion, Accuracy

11. Boss' el. info:
Information on boss' element affinities, which are fire, ice, lightning,
water and holy

12. Boss' Sensor info:
If a chr is equipped with weapon with Sensor ability, there's usually a quick
hint at top of the screen; find what it is here

13. Boss' Scan info:
Information on what does Scan of that monster contain

14. Boss' equip. dropped info:
Information on how many slots you can expect to find on dropped pieces of

15. Weapon abilities:
Information on what abilities you can expect to find on dropped weapon (if

16. Armor abilities:
Information on what abilities you can expect to find on dropped armor (if

17. Boss' attacks:
Information on boss' attacks, like who they target etc.

18. Boss strategy:
Complete and in-depth strategy on how to defeat the boss

--> There will also be a lot of abbrs in Boss sections and Monster Informator
section. They're as follows...
1. WATT - water magic attack
2. WATTP - water based physical attack
3. FATT - fire magic attack
4. FATTP - fire based physical attack
5. LATT - lightning magic attack
6. LATTP - lightning based physical attack
7. IATT - ice magic attack
8. IATTP - ice based physical attack
9. GRATT - gravity magic attack
10. GRATTP - gravity based physical attack
11. HATT - holy magic attack
12. NATT - non-elemental magic attack
13. CATT - counterattack
14. STATT - special type attack
15. VS - versus
16. chr - single character
17. chrs - multiple characters
18. phd - physical damage
19. mgd - magic damage
20. std - special type damage
21. fire/lightning/water/ice/holy phd - respective type of physical damage
22. fire/lightning/water/ice/holy mgd - respective type of magical damage
23. NS - nothing special
24. RAA - recommended armor abilities
25. RWA - recommended weapon abilities



Q1 - What is Sphere Grid?
A1 - Sphere Grid is what I would call an advancement system of sorts. If you
haven't noticed already, there is no EXP or chrs' levels in FFX. Instead you
get to use Sphere Grid, a rather big board with lots of circles, called nodes.
These nodes are filled with all kind of stuff... black magic, white magic,
special abilities etcetera. You are required to move across this grid,
activating the nodes as you pass them in order to raise your characters.

Q2 - Raise my characters? I'm not their mother!
A2 - Bad wording. Anyway, by raising I mean raising chr's statistics, such as
HP and Strength. Fighting alone will bring you nowhere, as it doesn't increase
stats. You have to use Sphere Grid (SG from now on) in order to increase chr's
stats to be able to defeat enemies late in the game.

Q3 - So how do I that?
A3 - You may have noticed something called S. Level (SLV from now on). This
stands for Sphere Level. By having your chrs participate in a battle and
defeating fiends any character that made at least one action in that battle
(even if just defending for one turn) will gain AP (Ability points? Action
points? Who knows...). Once you gain enough AP for certain chr's SLV to
increase by say one level, that character can now move ahead or back on SG. By
ahead I mean moving over SG on nodes character hasn't yet activated or been to,
and by back I mean moving on nodes character has already activated or been to.

Q4 - My SLV increased by five levels. Now what do I do?
A4 - You have two options. Most common decision is to move forward, in which
case the cost will be 1 SLV per one new node. In case you decide to move back,
cost is 1 SLV for up to four old nodes. So in your case you'd be able to move 5
nodes forward, 20 nodes back or 12 nodes back, then 2 nodes forward.

Q5 - I see a node that has something in it. What is that for?
A5 - There's 16 different kinds of nodes you're able to find on SG, all of them
outlined and explained below:
a) Empty node - wanna guess?
b) Node with letter H - once activated, raises chr's HP
c) Node with letter M - once activated, raises chr's MP
d) Node with sword - once activated, raises chr's Str
e) Node with shield - once activated, raises chr's Def
f) Node with encircled triangle - once activated, raises chr's Mag
g) Node with triangle inside shield shaped circle - once activated, raises
chr's Mdef
h) Node with arrow pointing to left - once activated, raises chr's Agi
i) Node with star - once activated, raises chr's Luck
j) Node with 'yin-yang' symbol - once activated, raises chr's Eva
k) Node with bullseye - once activated, raises chr's Acc
l) Node with letter 'X' - once activated, chr can use this Skill
m) Node with encircled + - once activated, chr can use this Special
n) Node with white square - once activated, chr can use this White Magic
o) Node with black square - once activated, chr can use this Black Magic
p) Node with L.* sign - this is a Lock node and prevents chrs from advancing
past this node; it can be removed with appropriate Lv.* Key Sphere; * stands
for numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4

Q6 - Activate nodes? How do I do that?
A6 - There's two requirements in order dor a chr to activate a node. First, chr
must be on or adjacent to the node you want to activate and second, you'll need
spheres. Lots of them. All of such spheres and what they do is listed below:
- POWER SPHERE activates Strength, Defence and HP nodes on SG
- MANA SPHERE activates Magic, Magic Defence and MP nodes on SG
- SPEED SPHERE activates Agility, Accuracy and Evasion nodes on SG
- ABILITY SPHERE activates Skill, Special, White Magic and Black Magic nodes on
- FORTUNE SPHERE activates Luck nodes on SG
- ATTRIBUTE SPHERE activates attribute node already activated by ally
- SPECIAL SPHERE activates Special node already activated by ally
- SKILL SPHERE activates Skill node already activated by ally
- WHT MAGIC SPHERE activates White Magic node already activated by ally
- BLK MAGIC SPHERE activates Black Magic node already activated by ally
- MASTER SPHERE activates any node
- LV.1 KEY SPHERE removes Lv.1 Lock
- LV.2 KEY SPHERE removes Lv.2 Lock
- LV.3 KEY SPHERE removes Lv.3 Lock
- LV.4 KEY SPHERE removes Lv.4 Lock
- HP SPHERE turns empty node into HP+300 node
- MP SPHERE turns empty node into MP+40 node node
- STRENGTH SPHERE turns empty node into Str+4 node
- DEFENCE SPHERE turns empty node into Def+4 node
- MAGIC SPHERE turns empty node into Mag+4 node
- MAGIC DEF SPHERE turns empty node into Mdef+4 node
- AGILITY SPHERE turns empty node into Agi+4 node
- EVASION SPHERE turns empty node into Eva+4 node
- ACCURACY SPHERE turns empty node into Acc+4 node
- LUCK SPHERE turns empty node into Luck+4 node
- CLEAR SPHERE removes nodes from SG, except Ability, White Magic, Black Magic
and Skill nodes
- RETURN SPHERE return to any previously activated node by that chr
- FRIEND SPHERE teleport to any ally's location
- TELEPORT SPHERE teleport to any activated node
- WARP SPHERE teleport to any node

Q7 - OK, I get activation and that... btw, what are those small spots I see
around every node on SG?
A7 - These are used to quickly tell which chr has already activated which node.
There are 7 spots, differently colored and representing one of each of playable
chrs. Once certain chr has activated a certain node, that chr's spot around
activated node will light up. This is a useful feature for quick reference
without having to switch thru all chrs to see which chr has activated which
node. Also, when chr is selected, you will see a colored line after or before
that chr. Use this to see what path that chr has already walked on in order to
avoid wasting SLV for trips over paths you've already been to.
- LIGHT BLUE color belongs to Tidus
- WHITE color belongs to Yuna
- PURPLE color belongs to Lulu
- GREEN color belongs to Rikku
- RED color belongs to Auron
- DARK BLUE color belongs to Kimahri
- YELLOW color belongs to Wakka

Q8 - I need advice on choosing the SG I would like to use during the game.
A8 - If FFX is your very first FF or you're playing it for the first time, I
highly suggest you choose Original Sphere Grid. However, if you have already
finished the game once, or are feeling daring enough to undertake the challenge
of Expert Sphere Grid, be ma guest. Expertize as you see fit. What is very good
about Expert SG is that all chrs start very close, therefore if you want to
have a party consisting of black mages only, this isn't a problem. The bad side
is that you need to plan ahead on what path you'd like to take.

Q9 - What are all those empty nodes for? I doubt they're there just for an
A9 - *eats a candy* Nope. They're to be used late in the game, when you have
access to Monster Arena. By defeating monsters there you can gain possession of
special spheres that can be used to fill empty nodes. For example, by defeating
Ironclad you'll get HP Sphere, which you can use anywhere on SG (as long as
it's used on an empty node) in order to raise your HP by 300. The same applies
for all other 9 statistics.

Q10 - There's a lot of crappy +1 nodes on SG. And all spheres I use on empty
nodes morph into +4 nodes, so I wanna get rid of all +3 and lesser nodes.
A10 - Your help awaits in Monster Arena again. By unlocking Ultima Buster in
Monster Arena you'll be able to buy Clear Spheres, which is used to remove any
node (except Ability nodes) from SG permanently. Beware - if you remove say
Str+3 node which has been activated by Lulu and Yuna, Str bonus that erased
node carried is also 'lost' for Yuna and Lulu, ie their Str stat will drop by 3
when Str+3 node is erased.

Q11 - What are new abilities added in FFX PAL version?
A11 - Indeed we're lucky bastards...
- PILFER GIL (steal gil from enemies)
- NAB GIL (steal gil from enemies and deal damage at same time)
- FULL BREAK (Power, Armor, Magic and Mental Break on one enemy)
- QUICK POCKETS (use items quickly with reduced recovery time)
- EXTRACT POWER (target fiend drops Power Spheres)
- EXTRACT MANA (target fiend drops Mana Spheres)
- EXTRACT SPEED (target fiend drops Speed Spheres)
- EXTRACT ABILITY (target fiend drops Ability Spheres)



In here you'll find info on how many Sphere Levels a certain character must
reach in order to learn all abilities on his/her path before reaching the end
of its path (I'll make a few exceptions of course).
Don't understand what I mean? Don't worry, you'll soon get what I mean when you
throw a look a bit below.

--> Some abilities require a certain character to stray a bit off from his or
her path (for example, Death). I'll include them as well.
--> Info on how many Sp. L. you need to gain is based on Standard Sphere Grid
--> It'll look like this example:
Number - name of ability - Sphere Levels needed
--> After you reach last ability on character's path, I'll suggest on what to
do next, for example, send Tidus down Auron's path or something similar

Specialty: Hitting nimble enemies.

1. Cheer - 2
2. Flee - 5
3. Extract Speed - 11
4. Haste - 14
5. Provoke - 22
6. Delay Attack - 27
7. Slow - 40
8. Slowga - 53
9. Delay Buster - 68
10. Hastega - 78
11. Quick Hit - 105
WHERE TO NEXT?: Tidus finishes his stroll very close to first third of Yuna's
path - which is the way I recommend to go. First wait a bit until you get Lv.3
Key Sp. to remove the annoying lock. Then move in to learn Shell, Protect and
Cura. Afterwards proceed in Yuna's direction...

Specialty: Killing armored enemies.

1. Power Break - already learned
2. Extract Power - 7
3. Guard - 10
4. Magic Break - 21
5. Threaten - 40
6. Armour Break - 48
7. Mental Break - 53
8. Sentinel - 87
WHERE TO NEXT?: Auron finishes close to Tidus' path. While Auron has HP and
Str, he lacks Agi and Eva, so I suggest going after Tidus. There's a small
matter removing Lv.2 Lock first tho'. After it's gone, learn Delay Attack and
Provoke, then proceed after Tidus' path.

Specialty: Hitting aerial enemies and enemies with high Evasion.

1. Dark Attack - already learned
2. Silence Attack - 7
3. Extract Ability - 12
4. Aim - 20
5. Sleep Attack - 27
6. Dark Buster - 41
7. Drain - 44
8. Silence Buster - 56
9. Sleep Buster - 68
10. Osmose - 77
11. Triple Foul - 105
WHERE TO NEXT?: Wakka's got the Acc, but not HP and sufficient Str. So Auron's
is the way to go. Remove Lv.3 Lock first, then have Wakka learn Armour Break,
after which go after Auron's path.
Specialty: Learning enemy skills. Killing armored enemies.

Oh boy, his is a little bit complicated. Namely, Kimahri's path does contain
few abilities, but once you learn them all, you'll have to decide what you want
Kimahri to be. White Mage, Black Mage, choice is yours...
However, I'd suggest sending him down Rikku's path, as having two characters
being able to steal always pays off. You may see a problem, tho'. Two Lv.1
Locks. Don't worry, by the time we send Kimahri on Rikku's path, you'll already
have a bunch of Lv.1 Key Spheres.
From Kimahri's position send him right first. My calculations are done based on
that decision.

1. Lancet - already learned
2. Scan - 6
3. Extract Mana - 7
4. Jinx - 8 [now send him past Lancet ability up and travel all over these stat
nodes to improve Kimahri's stats]
5. At 45 Sp.L. use your first Lv.1 Key Sp. to remove first lock and at 49 Sp.L.
use your second Lv.1 Key Sp. to remove second lock - you're now on Rikku's path
6. Steal - 52
7. Use - 53
8. Here use Lv.2 Key Sp. to remove the lock and accumulate additional 3 Sp.L.
to learn Dispel, then return on the path Rikku took

Specialty: Killing enemies resistant to physical attacks.

1. Fire - already learned
2. Water - already learned
3. Thunder - already learned
4. Blizzard - already learned
5. Focus - 12
6. Fira - 26
7. Thundara - 27
8. Watera - 27
9. Blizzara - 28
10. Reflex - 36
11. Bio - 52
12. Demi - 68
13. Death - 75
14. Waterga - 78
15. Firaga - 79
16. Thundaga - 79
17. Blizzaga - 79
18. Flare - 104
WHERE TO NEXT?: Lulu's got the Eva and Mag, but not HP or Agi, so I'd actually
go for three choices. If you want to make her even more deadly, go after Yuna's
path (in this case use one of Teleport Spheres). If you want to make her fare
longer in battle, go after Auron's path (use Teleport Sphere as well). For Agi
go down Rikku's path (use Teleport Sphere).

Specialty: Stealing from enemies and destroying robotic enemies.

1. Use - already learned
2. Steal - already learned
3. Luck - 11
4. Spare Change - 17
5. Mug - 41
6. Bribe - 71
WHERE TO NEXT?: Tough call. Personally I'd make her HP bigger, so Auron's path
would be the way to go.

Specialty: Summoning and aiding party members with white magic.

1. Cure - already learned
2. Esuna - already learned
3. NulBlaze - 2
4. NulShock - 3
5. NulFrost - 4
6. NulTide - 5
7. Life - 14
8. Pray - 19
9. Cura - 37
10. Shell - 43
11. Protect - 48
12. Reflect - 59
13. Dispel - 64
14. At 65th Sp.L. have Yuna use Lv.2 Key Sp. to remove Lv.2 Lock - gain two
more Sp.L. to learn Use
15. Steal - 68
16. Curaga - 82
17. Regen - 89
18. Holy - 106
WHERE TO NEXT?: Same call as with Lulu, so take a look below Lulu's section. Of
course, substitute where Yuna's mentioned with Lulu and you've got where you
want to go.



Before I begin for real, I have one huge tip for you:

*Better save than sorry!*

That is, save whenever you have a chance.


When you have control of main character, move to the bunch of people you'll see
on the pier. Talk with three kids, name your character, then talk with two
girls. Talk with left one again to hit (on) her. When done, just wait a bit.
You're now on a long driveway. Go along it until the end. Have a laugh or two
(heh), then proceed inside [if you wait long enough, Tidus will go in
Blitzball! Oops, what's this? Tidus gets first weapon and it's battle time.
Pretty easy for start - enemy doesn't attack you. When this battle is over,
you'll fall in next one.
This time you're attacked from both sides. Listen to the advice of your
comrade-in-arms and attack Sinscales that block your path forward. However, if
one of Sinscale's wings start to flicker, attack that Sinscale ASAP. Otherwise
Tidus or the other character may get hit with pretty strong physical attack
called Spines which hits for about 70 HP. After these are defeated, you'll
reach your goal: first boss!


1. Name:
Sinspawn Ammes

2. Boss' HP:

3. Boss' MP:

4. AP gained when Boss is defeated:

5. Items stolen:
Nothing to steal

6. Items dropped:

7. Gil earned:

8. Items bribed:
Immune to Bribe

9. Boss' status info:
- Berserk, Confusion, Death, Demi(?), Distil effects(?), Doom, Eject,
Petrification, Poison, Sleep, Threaten, Zombie
- NS
- Immune to Poison
- Immune to Doom

10. Boss' stats info:
St, Df, Mg, Md, Ag, Lu, Ev, Ac
1, 1, 5, 1, 9, 15, 0, 0

11. Boss' el. info:

12. Boss' Sensor info:

13. Boss' Scan info:
Immune to Scan

14. Boss' equip. dropped info:

15. Weapon abilities:

16. Armor abilities:

17. Boss' attacks:
a) Demi - GRATT VS all chrs - mgd - tears off 25% of current HP

18. Boss strategy:
A boss already (with five soon-to-be-killed Sinscales) and we haven't had a
chance to save yet. Fret not, you can't die in this battle if you swing your
joypad right. Take a look:
Your other party member will have an Overdrive ready. Press left in command
window to bring up Overdrive command. Select it, then select Dragon Fang. If
you accidentally mess up, Dragon Fang will take care of all Sinscales anyway.
So that leaves only Ammes. Demi, Demi, Demi. Even if you're reaaaally low on
HP, you can't die. All you have to do is repeatedly attack Ammes until it bites
the flies.

YOU WIN! Moving on...

QUICK TIP: During this boss battle kill off other chr and have Tidus
continuously defend until he learns Loner overdrive mode. With this Overdrive
mode character needs seven turns for his gauge to fill up so that he/she can
release an Overdrive. I find this very helpful for later boss battles as Tidus
needs to use Spiral Cut ten times in order to learn Slice & Dice.

'Zanarkand: Overpass'

Yay. Save sphere. Save! The go to right of the screen. After a bit of running
you'll again fall into a battle against Sinscales. Yawn. Rinse and repeat the
last fight you had with them - attack the ones whose turn will come up soonest,
but make priority on the ones whose wings start to flicker. After a while your
comrade will suggest attacking the generator which will now become a legit
target. Attack it a few times (ignore Sinscales!) and generator will take care
of the rest...


'Submerged ruins'

Where are we? Press Circle to dive until game takes over.
Where are we now? Geez, swimming again. Before you exit this area in the far
north exit, explore the ruins. You'll find two treasure chests (one containing
200 Gil, the other 2x Potion), and Al Bhed Compilation Sphere (useless if
you're playing for the first time) and a strange insignia on the pillar written
in strange language. Done all that? We have nothing left to do here, so swim to
far north exit.

'Ruins: Underwater hall'

Save, and make left turns until you reach a chest with Hi-Potion. Backtrack and
take the other path. Diiiiive. Swim in obvious direction - fiiiight. Three
Sahagins will try to make short work of you.

BOSS 002 - GEOSGAENO ---> A231

1. Name:

2. Monster's HP:

3. Monster's MP:

4. AP gained when monster is defeated:

5. Items stolen:
1x Water Gem/2x Water Gem

6. Items dropped:

7. Gil earned:

8. Items bribed:
Immune to Bribe

9. Monster's status info:
- Berserk, Break skills, Confusion, Darkness, Death, Delay skills, Demi, Doom,
Eject, Petrification, Provoke, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Threaten, Zombie
- 95% Poison
- 10% Poison
- Immune to Doom

10. Monster's stats info:
St, Df, Mg, Mf, Ag, Lu, Ev, Ac
36, 50, 40, 50, 48, 15, 0, 50

11. Monster's el. info:
Weak to all elements, holy included

12. Monster's Sensor info:
Covered with thick scales. Vulnerable to magic.

13. Monster's Scan info:
Immune to Scan

14. Monster's equip. dropped info:

15. Weapon abilities:

16. Armor abilities:

17. Monster's attacks:
a) 'Bite' - GRATTP VS one chr - phd - tears off 50% current HP

18. Monster strategy:
After two Sahagins kick the bucket, Geosgaeno shows up. It'll kill remaining
Sahagin and then turn on you. An intimidating amount of HP vs Tidus' puny
amount of HP. A battle that cannot be won? Indeed it is. So what do you do?
Just exchange blows with each other until game takes over.

Note: With help of cheats it is possible to *defeat* Geosgaeno. However, you
don't get anything for it.

YOU WIN! Sort of, heh. Moving on...

'Ruins: Corridor'

Cough, cough. If I never see another fish, it'll be too soon. Drat, trapped
again. Simply go up the stairs.

'Ruins: Hall'

You've reached a big room with dead campfire in the middle. Right doors can't
be opened. Now what would MacGyver do? Left doors lead to a messed up room...

'Ruins: Small Room'

Examine the crushed desk where you must pick up a Flint *KEY ITEM*. Exit to
previous big room and go in the back.

'Ruins: Stairs'

When on this new screen, check the bottom of the screen for Ether. Climb the
stairs and pick up Withered Bouquet *KEY ITEM*. Don't go back yet. You'll reach
the balcony of 'Ruins: Hall'. On the end is another chest with Hi-Potion.
You've done all you can for now. Return to campfire and press X. Blah blah.

BOSS 003 - KLIKK ---> A288

1. Name:

2. Boss' HP:

3. Boss' MP:

4. AP gained when Boss is defeated:

5. Items stolen:
1x Grenade/2x Grenade

6. Items dropped:
1x/2x Ability Sphere; 2x/4x Ability Sp.

7. Gil earned:

8. Items bribed:
Immune to Bribe

9. Boss' status info:
- Poison, Sleep
- NS
- Immune to Poison
- 3 turns for Doom

10. Boss' stats info:
St, Df, Mg, Md, Ag, Lu, Ev, Ac
14, 1, 1, 1, 8, 15, 0, 50

11. Boss' el. info:

12. Boss' Sensor info:
Immune to Sensor

13. Boss' Scan info:
Immune to Scan

14. Boss' equip. dropped info:

15. Weapon abilities:

16. Armor abilities:

17. Boss' attacks:
1. 'Swipe' - VS one chr - phd

18. Boss strategy:
Keep Potions handy. Your first real boss battle where you have to be a bit
careful! Well, you still can't pull off any fancy moves, so you're left with
tried-and-tested strategy of hitting Klikk and using a Potion when your HP is
at 150. Klikk can hit you for about 100 damage. Once Klikk loses 750 HP... hmm,
who's this?