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04.05.13. 15:53
Ezt egy olyan személy írta, aki kinn van az E3-on és játszhatott a Sui IV demojával!

"I was fortunate enough to attend E3 this year, and was able to play the demo available for Suikoden IV. So, I thought I would share what I saw.

The demo starts you off on a ship with the Hero and three other characters. The other characters seemed to be randomly put in, as when I played, the rest of my party was the ninja girl (Mizuki), and characters named Tai and Kenneth. But, I saw other people playing, and they had Jewel and Kika.

Anyways, when the game starts out, you are attacked by a boss, the Water Dragon. The guy isn't very hard, but has an attack that can put your characters to sleep. Once you kill it, a tidal wave hits your ship. You come to on an island, and try to repair your ship. However, the cat guy is missing. The mermaid girl shows up, telling you that "The Master" is trying to kill the cat. She hates the master, and tells you to kill it. Well, the master turns out to be a giant Crab, which is another boss. At first, s huddled up, preventing you from duing much damage. However, after a few rounds, it will cut to a screen where you characters lament about not being able to damage the boss, and you are given a choice to use the power of the rune or not. Doing so will cause the boss to open up, and take normal damage. Killing it will bring you to the end of the demo.

Now, for some random bits of info:

In the demo, the Hero already has the Rune of Punishment, with two spells available: Eternal Trial and Double Edged Sword. Both attack the enemy, but cause damage to the Hero himself as well.

Kika has the Falcon Rune, and Mizuki has the Shrike Rune.

There were only Four people available in battle. However, on the menu screen, there was a fifth, unoccupied slot. Perhaps support characters return?

The demo was entirely in English, including the spoken lines. However, the translation seemed kind of shoddy, and i really hope they do some proof reading (unless you LIKE using the Fire rune to case "Blozing" Wall)

From the demo they were showing, it seems that there will be lots of spoken dialogue. Just about all of the portrait characters featured in non-combat parts of the demo had spoken lines.

Anyways, that's all I can remember off hand. Maybe I'll remember some more tidbits when I got back through the (shoddy) photos I took. And, if anyone has any questions, or anyone else also went and wants to add, feel free to comment!"

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