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Looking for an exciting work? Get into games!

2006.02.03. 08:36 | szerző: Dino | kategória: Egyéb

Az alábbi sajtóközlemény eltér a szokásosaktól. Egyrészt mert angolul van, másrészt pedig egy lengyel cég, a CD Projekt álláshirdetéséről van szó. De át is adnánk nekik a szót, következzenek a részletek!
Wishing to break into the world of electronic entertainment? Now is your chance! CD Projekt, the leading company in the games business in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia is looking for professionals to join our team and hold the position of Localization Specialist / Manager in Hungary.
If you are fascinated by the electronic entertainment market and if you are looking for a place where your dreams will come true, join us! We are looking for a young, dynamic and detail-oriented candidates who think seriously about connecting their future with computer games. And of course, for whom the games are one of the major parts of life;).
To apply for this job and to find more about our expectations, what responsibilities we provide and what we can offer please visit:
About CD Projekt:
CD Projekt was established in 1994 by Marcin Iwinski and Michal Kicinski. We were the first to import entertainment software on CD-ROMs into the Polish Market. Since 1999 CD Projekt is the leading distributor of games and multimedia software in Poland (from 2002 also in Czech Republic and Slovakia) supplying directly all major retail chains and independents. Currently (January 2006) the team of CD Projekt and its subsidiaries consists of over 70 professionals in the distribution/publishing business and almost 50 in the development.
For more information about our history and profile, please check our corporate website: and "The Witcher" official website: ■

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