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Prima Fast Track Guide


The Prima Fast Track Guide™ for Darkstone is written with the assumption that the player is familiar with the game interface. If you are seeking help on both beating levels, and how to play the game, then check out Darkstone: Prima's Official Strategy Guide. It includes a complete interface walkthrough, along with much more detailed coverage of monsters, magic and all Crystal Quests.

Three quests are possible for each of the seven Crystals, for a total of 21 quests, with 4 dungeon levels each. We have basic walkthroughs for all 21 possible quests, as well as the final confrontation with Draak himself.


General Tips

Always complete each overland area first. Follow up by delving into local dungeons. This way your characters' experience will more closely match the challenges you face.

Let the computer control the character who uses ranged (or missile) weapons. This way, you can use your short-range fighter to open doors and allow the other character to launch missiles/arrows through the open door. If you don't do this, your fighter could be overwhelmed and killed.

Don't let your guard down. Seemingly harmless NPCs can transform into formidable opponents when you least expect it. Remember, evil rules the lands, so be on your guard at all times. Don't trust anyone until they prove themselves.

Keep your gear in good repair. Watch your screen for a red outline of any gear you're using. This means the weapon/armor is about to be destroyed. Get it repaired quickly, either in town or by using the Repair skill.

Return to town often. You'll need to rest and regenerate, as well as buy new items and spells. This is especially important in the early going. Food is far more important than you'd think. With no food, your character will starve and eventually die. To prevent this, buy food when in town. (Note that the Food spell regenerates 34 of your character's Food points with every casting, as well.)

Use narrow hallways and doorways to whittle enemies down to size. When you face overwhelming odds, get to a doorway, narrow passage, or other choke point. It's much easier to face enemies one at a time than all at once in an open area where they can surround you.

Use your Belt Items wisely. Use your Belt Items as shortcuts to your inventory items. Don't fill the Belt Item space with the same item multiple times; put one item- for example, a Health potion- in a Belt Item slot, and then place your other Health potions in your inventory. Then you can access all Health potions from one Belt Item slot.

Keep a good stock of emergency scrolls on hand. Resurrection, Magic Door, and Teleportation (when you can find them) are all good scrolls to keep on hand until you learn these spells. They allow you to escape quickly, or, in the case of Resurrection, to revive a fallen comrade.

Skills can be more important than spells. Skills are a one-time-only fee, and in most cases they're well worth the investment. They allow you to perform magical feats without using Mana, and that becomes important the farther you explore.


The Sun Cross

Ardyl Crystal Quest [Levels 1-4]

As you explore Ardyl, you'll come to a stockade. Inside, you'll find Drakus the Antique Dealer. He asks for your help finding the Sun Cross, an artifact he says was stolen by the Disciples of Kaliba. The path to the Sun Cross is the path to your first Crystal.

Make your way down to Level 1. There's little of interest in Levels 1 and 2, so battle your way down to Level 3 of the dungeon. You'll find the Monastery of Kaliba in the center of the level, but you can't get inside yet. Find the entrance to Level 4 and descend again. Gondoor waits on Level 4, in a chamber near the center of the level, to administer the initiation test for the Disciples of Kaliba. One of your characters must take the test.

Enter the first test chamber. Gates block four alcoves. Push the lever to your character's right as you enter. This opens the gate blocking the chest. Inside the chest, you'll find the key to open the door ahead.

As you enter the second test chamber, Gondoor tells you to finish off the criminal tied to the table in the center of the room. Ignore this command. Instead, flip the lever on the wall ahead. Two alcoves release Spiders. Kill both; one coughs up the key to the door ahead.

That's it- you've passed the test. Now select a weapon from the pedestals on your left as your reward. Gondoor gives you an amulet so that you can enter the Monastery on Level 3. Put it on, get your other character, and head back up the stairs to the Monastery.

Before you enter the Monastery, look for the body in the hall outside. Searching it turns up a letter that contains valuable information.

Enter the Monastery. The monks inside ignore you. Do not grab the cross from the altar. Instead, search for a torch near the bookcase along one wall. Turn the torch to slide the bookcase back, revealing the secret passage to Inoc's tomb.

Inside the passage, you'll find Inoc's tomb. Save your game, and then click on the tomb. Inoc appears and tries to kill your characters. You must kill him instead. Once he's dead, grab the true Sun Cross from his body. It's now time to go back to Ardyl and give the cross to Drakus.

When you reach the Antique Dealer's stockade, save your game again. Give the Sun Cross to Drakus. Drakus turns into a Spectre, and his cronies become Lizard-men. Kill Drakus first, and then take care of the Lizard-men. When Drakus dies, you receive your first Crystal as a reward. Pick it up and head out the gates.


Riken's Ghost

Ardyl Crystal Quest [Levels 1-4]

When you come to a village with a stockade around it, look for the Mayor. He tells you the Wizard Zoram has stolen the Horn of Plenty, and the village won't be the same until it's recovered.

Enter Dungeon Level 1. Find the room that glows blue and click on the bones to raise Riken's spirit. He'll guide you in this quest. Find the entrance and go down to Level 2.

Find the Fire Golem's lair. Riken will warn you just outside; enter and quickly kill the Fire Golem (with ranged weapons if at all possible), avoiding his close range attacks. Get the Fire Element Sphere he drops, and then descend to Level 3.

The Ice Golem is your target this time. Go find his lair; again, Riken is there to warn you. Kill the Ice Golem the way you killed the Fire Golem, and take his Ice Element Sphere.

Go down to Level 4. You'll find Zoram's Retreat in the center of the Level. Riken appears outside it; talk to him. Give him both Element Spheres, and he'll give you the Cloak of Clouds. When you wear it, you can walk through the walls of his chamber. Zoram will see you immediately; have your long-range character under AI control and run in with your character to grab the Horn of Plenty from the pedestal as they fight. You can choose to kill Zoram, or just plain get out of there and go back to the village in Ardyl.

Give the Horn of Plenty to the Mayor. He thanks you, and Riken appears at the village gate to give you the Crystal you've earned. Sebastian the Wizard appears, as well, and instructs you to bring him the seven Crystals so he can reconstruct the Time Orb.


The Sorceress

Ardyl Crystal Quests [Levels 1-4]

Mika the Witch has vowed to turn any woman more beautiful than she into stone. She's old and ugly, and she keeps her vow. As a result, most of the women in the small village have been turned to stone. Rob and the other men beg you to help them.

Go to the Witch's house and talk to Mika. She won't relent, she says, unless you can make her beautiful again. Head for Level 1, where a sign outside reads, "Welcome to the Fountain of Youth."

Make your way down to Level 2 and look for a chest with a Mirror inside. Get the Mirror and fight your way down past Level 3 to Level 4. Find Elas near the Fountain of Youth in the center of the Level.

Give the Mirror to Elas, and he'll give you the Cursed Mirror, which convinces beautiful people that they're ugly, and ugly people that they're beautiful. Take the Mirror to Mika; she'll think she's beautiful again, and break the spell.

Go to the village. Rob gives you the Crystal you've earned for your trouble. Sebastian appears and asks you to find him once you have all seven Crystals.


Genna's Disease

Ardyl Crystal Quests [Levels 5-8]

Search Ardyl for a small camp, where you'll find Genna on her deathbed. Her brother-in-law, Gutrick, tells you she's fallen ill, and he doesn't know what to do for her.

Search the camp; a chest under one of the tents contains a letter from Ger the Sorcerer. It implicates Gutrick in poisoning his sister-in-law. Click on Gutrick with the letter, and he'll confess. He agrees to go with you to see Ger, who gives you an ornate cup to use for the antidote. If you go to Ger without Gutrick, he won't help you.

Enter dungeon Level 5 and search the level for a pedestal with a Prism on top. Take the Prism; three more Prisms are located in the lower dungeon Levels. You need them all to heal Genna. Fight your way down to Level 6.

You'll find the Fountain of Light on Level 6, as well. This is a room with five pedestals arranged in a circle. Place the two Prisms you have so far on the pedestals: one under the fan of purple light and one on the pedestal at the "3 o'clock" position. A beam of purple radiance will connect the two Prisms. Head for the Level 7 entrance.

Collect another Prism on Level 7. Then descend to Level 8 to collect the final Prism. Return to Level 6, and place the last two Prisms at "6 o'clock" and "9 o'clock" on the circle of pedestals.

The beam of light illuminates the center pedestal. Place the cup Ger gave you on the center pedestal and it will fill with the purple light. When it's full, you have your antidote.

Take the cup to Genna and give it to her. She'll be healed and give you the Crystal as your reward.


The Unicorn

Ardyl Crystal Quests [Levels 5-8]

You'll find a Unicorn padlocked to a post. Talk to the Fairy nearby; she offers to help you find Felder the Sorcerer and free the Unicorn. The Fairy places herself in your inventory.

Descend to Level 6. The Fairy can help you open the locked gate there. Place her on the gate. She'll fly through to flip the lever that opens it. Beyond the gate, collect the gold, weapons, and potions in the chests. Head for Level 7.

There's little of interest on Level 7. Head down to Level 8, to a locked gate with a wooden floor beyond. This is the entrance to Felder's Laboratory. Send the fairy in to unlock the gate. When she does, Felder captures her. Go inside and kill Felder quickly. Free the Fairy and she'll give you the key she stole from Felder before he died.

Return with the key and use it to free the Unicorn. The Fairy gives you a Crystal as your reward.

The Reed's Song

Ardyl Crystal Quests [Levels 5-8]

Search Ardyl for Fairy Lake. When you play the drum nearby, the Fairy of the Lake appears. She plays a song for you- the Song of the Snakes- and tells you to play the Reeds in order, from small to large, to play the song. The five Reeds you'll need lie in dungeon levels 5-8.

Enter Level 5 and search for the two chests that contain Reeds. Once you have them, go down to Level 6 and search there for the chest that has a Reed inside.

Find the last two Reeds on levels 7 and 8; then head for the Mouth Room. A central platform there is covered with Snakes; there are five faces on one wall. Place the Reeds, smallest on the left and largest on the right, in the mouths. They'll play the Song of the Snakes.

Once the song plays, step onto the platform and open the door ahead to get the Crystal. The Snakes won't touch you as long as the song keeps playing. Return to Ardyl and continue your quest.


The Treasure

Marghor Crystal Quests [Levels 9-12]

Find Brother Jean, a down-on-his-luck monk. He's blind, and asks you to find the remedy for his affliction- the Eye of Ra. Enter Level 9 to begin your search.

Chests on Level 9 contain two Ocular Globes. Find them and place them in the empty eye sockets of the statuette on this level. You may take the statuette with you.

Go down to Level 10. You'll find only one Ocular Globe for the statuette there. Put it in one of the statuette's eye sockets, then descend to Level 11. There you'll find two Ocular Globes; one belongs in the statuette on Level 10. Go put it there and get the statuette before continuing.

Put the other Ocular Globe in the eye socket of the Level 11 statuette and go down to Level 12. Once you have the next Ocular Globe, go back and get the last statuette. Once you have all three statuettes, enter the Solar Room on Level 12. The pattern on the floor is laid out like a clock.

Read the hints on the wall and place the statuettes: Gold on 7, Silver on 10, Bronze on 3. This opens the gate. The chest beyond holds the Eye of Ra.

Return to Brother Jean and give him the Eye of Ra. In return, he gives you a magnifying glass. Keep it in your inventory for later. Now find Gar, who's fishing near Bartalan's Island. Borrow some of his fresh fish and take it to the Carpenter, Rhino. He agrees to fix anything you like.

Take Rhino back to the island and have him fix the bridge. Cross over and read the first sign: "Caution! Mine Field!" Use the magnifying glass to read the sign ahead and get instructions. To reach the chest ahead, turn left from the tree between the two signs; then hug the water past the stone and approach the chest from the north. The chest holds a bible with blank pages.

When you have the bible, leave the island and find the Temple of Eras. Eras hasn't been worshipped for centuries but place food on the plates near his altar and he'll appear. Give him the bible; he writes his revelation on its pages, and tells you to use it to make a convert for him.

Take the Word of Eras to Brother Jean: he was healed by the Eye of Ra, but still lacks faith. The bible will restore it, and when you return to Eras, he gives you the Crystal as reward for helping him.


The Baby

Marghor Crystal Quests [Levels 9-12]

The Baby

Find the Burnt-out Village and talk to Lucy. She says her baby was kidnapped by some Lizard-men led by a Dragon, and that her husband is off searching for him.

Her husband lies injured near the entrance to Level 9. Give him a Health potion; he recovers and gives you an Invisibility scroll. Enter the dungeon to search for the baby.

Your goal in this dungeon is to battle your way down to Level 12, where Josh (the baby) is about to be sacrificed in a hideous ceremony. Spend as little time as you can on the other levels, because they're crawling with creatures. On Level 12, find the Temple and enter. Use the Invisibility scroll Josh's father gave you and snatch the baby from the Lizard-men. Avoid a fight- you're outnumbered- and run out the door.

Return to the surface and give the baby to Lucy. She'll give you a Crystal as a reward.


The Hive

Marghor Crystal Quests [Levels 9-12]

The well in the local village has dried up. Talk to Richard, and he'll tell you that at night you can hear strange noises coming from below. The well is your entry point to Level 9; slide down the rope and then descend to Level 10 to continue.

As you explore Level 10, you'll encounter a Skeleton sitting on the Throne of Fear. If you touch it, it will come to life, but you must kill it if you want the Armor of Fear it wears.

Head down to Level 11. Insects have forced humans to dig their tunnels in two mines here. Free Rosso from the first mine by destroying the six incubator plants. Use Magic Bombs or melee attacks to get the job done. Rosso gives you the Sword of Elron- the only weapon that can kill the Queen below.

Head down to Level 12 and cut the strands blocking access to the Hive. Incubators inside pump out Giant Wasps. Don the Armor of Fear and arm yourself with Elron's blade. Attack the Hive's Queen and let your AI partner work on the other wasps. When the Queen dies, you'll get the Crystal from her corpse. Take it and get out fast, before the wasps overwhelm you. No reward awaits you in the village, so head for the next dungeon.



Marghor Crystal Quests [Level 13-16]

Horgan is an old hermit who asks you to kill Korgan the Orc Chieftan and retrieve the Crystal of Life he stole.

Korgan is in the Orc stockade, and there are scores of Orcs in there with him. Stand in the doorway and lure them out a few at a time to avoid being surrounded. Finish off Korgan and get the Crystal of Life from him; then search the chests for potions and food.

Take the Crystal of Life back to Horgan. When you give it to him, he reveals the secret of entering Level 13: one character must stand on the Teleporter in the temple ruins while the other, wearing Horgan's amulet, enters the dungeon. The portal was constructed by the Disciples of Kaliba to keep Draak out. Inside, you must fight the champions of the shadow world.

One the 13th Level, you'll find Gartol's Lair. Flip the lever outside to open the gate, and then fight your way through the gauntlet of Skeleton Archers beyond. Floorplates trigger the gates barring the rooms inside; snipe at the Skeletons and Skeleton Captain from outside; then enter and continue to the door. Break down the door and defeat Gartol. Stay away from his sword: it pushes you back if he hits you. Once Gartol falls, grab the sword. Then head for Level 14.

In Level 14, you'll find trip plates that open a succession of gates. Open them, but don't step forward into the next room: a Teleport tile lies ahead. Step diagonally, and fight off the Skeletons. Kill Digmar and take his sword.

Descend to Level 15. Take the quick exit down to 16 (there's no guardian on 15). There, follow the maze to the center. The Temple of Death lies at the end of a long carpeted hallway. Put the two guardians' swords in the holders across the room from one another, and the Crystal- along with Hassen, the final guardian- appears. Kill Hassen and take the Crystal from the center pedestal.


The Poison

Marghor Crystal Quests [Level 13-16]

Eraldus wants you to enter the Spiders' lair and rescue his wife, Angelique. She's held on Level 13, but you must go all the way to Level 16 to get the key to free her. Search all the levels carefully: a Teleportation scroll you'll need later lies somewhere below.

On Level 13, you'll find the prison where Angelique is held, but you need a key to get into it. Go to Level 14 and enter the Offerings Room. Take the two Poison potions from the pedestals. Ignore the Armory for now; you can't get any of the weapons just yet. Find the entrance to Level 15.

On Level 15, go to the Poison Room. Two pedestals there hold Poison potions, and one holds a Medallion of Aracach. Get the two potions and then head down to Level 16 (you can enter the Venom Room when you return).

On Level 16, go to the Crystal Room. Toss an Antidote potion into each of the three Venom Pools to release the Crystal. You can leave now, if you don't want Eraldus's prized weapon.

If you do want his weapon, return to Level 15 and drop poison potions in both vats; then go back down to Level 16 and do the same. This unlocks the door to the Master's Room.

Enter the Master's Room, where you meet Draak for the first time. After he taunts you, he leaves and Aracach appears. Kill this Giant Spider and search both chests. You'll find a massive hammer- Njoliner, one of the game's most powerful weapons, as well as some Antidote potions and the key to the prison.

Return to Level 15. Now you can get the Medallions of Aracach from the Poison Room and the Venom Room. Take them back up to the Armory, put them on the empty pedestals, and select a weapon.

Now go up to Level 13 and open the prison door with your Prison Key. Avoid battling all the Spiders inside by opening only the door to Angelique's cell, on your right. Give her your Teleportation scroll, and then leave the dungeon.

Eraldus doesn't want to reward you; in fact, he tries to kill you if you keep bothering him. Kill him instead. Angelique, a powerful Sorceress, then transforms into a Werewolf. Kill her to get the key to Eraldus's chest, and open it to get the Master inside.


Marghor Crystal Quests [Level 13-16]

Find Shadire in Marghor. He tells you the Lizard-men are nursing some eggs. Using the Celestial Sword, you can stop them from hatching.

Enter Level 13 and find the Prisoner; use the lever outside his cell to free him. He gives you the Celestial Symbol that will release the Celestial Sword. Return to Marghor and use the symbol to destroy the rock blocking the path to the Celestial Sword. Kill the Lizard-men and Ratman Lords beyond, and then get the Celestial Sword.

Return to Level 13 and find the Incubation Room. Flip the lever outside to drop the spikes blocking your path. Kill the Lizard-man guards and the Snakes beyond, and then use the Celestial Sword to destroy the eggs.

Go back to Marghor and talk to Shadire again. He gives you the Celestial Dagger. Descend to Level 14 and then fight your way down to Level 15. Battle the Spiders and Trolls to reach Level 16. There, make your way to the Temple of Lizards. Place the Celestial Dagger on the empty pedestal to keep the Crystal in place; then get the Crystal.


The Templar

Omar Crystal Quests [Levels 17-20]

Prince Ramal and Melchior are hanging around near the entrance to Level 17. The prince is looking for his sister Jasmine who's held below. They ask for your help.

Enter Level 17 and head for center. Hug the walls to get past the crossfire Magic Missile trap near the Harem. Enter the Harem and free Jasmine. She tells you Kirgard the Wizard has cast a spell that keeps her there. Head down to Level 18.

Deep in the dungeon you find Melchior, wounded and near death. Just before he dies, he gives you a key and begs you to save his master.

Go down to Level 19 and head for the prison in the center of the map. Snipe at the Ratman Lords inside; then use Melchior's key to open the prison. Talk to Ramal- he gives you the Diadem of Oblivion to take to Jasmine.

Return to Level 17 and give the diadem to Jasmine. It frees her and she gives you the Horn of Roland. Kirgard appears; kill him, being careful to avoid his wicked Fireball spell, and take the missive he has. It sends you aboveground to Roland's tomb to gain a helmet.

In the graveyard, use the horn on Roland's tomb. He appears, with several Skeletons. Kill him to gain his helmet. Return to the dungeon, and go to Level 20. Put the helmet on: it allows you to see the mines in the area ahead.

Throw the lever to open the gate. Leave whichever character is not wearing the helmet outside. Inside, a large open area lies between three giant Templar statues. There are also three alcoves. Carefully enter the alcoves, guided by the helm, and push all three levers inside to deactivate the mines in the room.

Now grab the Crystal and make a run for the gate. The three statues come to life. You have virtually no chance of defeating them. Have the other character open the gate, and then get out of there.

If you get stuck inside with no way out, don't deactivate all the mines; instead, deactivate one side, grab the Crystal, and then use the mines to kill the Templars by luring them toward you.



Omar Crystal Quests [Levels 17-20]

Near Argansa's house, Langolin the Sorcerer tells you that Draak's disciples hold Argansa's husband prisoner. He asks that you give him the Crystal of Wisdom and three Potions of Immortality to help him rescue her husband.

Enter Level 17 and find the chamber that holds the Fountain of Immortality, near the center of the Level. Damned Spectres surround it; snipe at them through the barred opening until they're all dead; then flip the lever to enter. Attack the fountain to get a Potion of Immortality and a Potion of Youth.

Go down to Level 18. Head for the center of the map, but be wary as you enter the area with the Fountain of Immortality: Teleport tiles just inside the entrance will send you into the enclosure with the Spectres. To get inside safely, use a simple trick: Have one of your characters cast Magic Door inside the area; have the other character cast Magic Door in the corridor you're standing in. Enter it, and when you get to town, come back through the other one.

Snipe at Spectres and attack the fountain to get the Youth and Immortality potions. Go down to Level 19 and repeat the process to get another Potion of Immortality and Youth (no Teleports here). Descend to Level 20 and find Argansa's husband in the cells. He tells you of Langolin's treachery: Langolin plans to keep the Crystals for himself.

When you enter the Crystal Chamber, talk to Langolin. He turns into a Spectre and attacks you. Kill him, and then kill the Scorpions in the enclosure. Use the Crystal of Wisdom to get the other Crystal from the pedestal and return to the surface.


The Myth of Medusa

Omar Crystal Quests [Levels 17-20]

Near the Level 17 entrance, you'll find Kolos, a Spectre who says he's there to help you. After you speak to him, enter the dungeon.

On Level 17, head for the Library. Kolos warns you not to go inside; enter anyway to find Atenus. He has a potion that sends spirits back to the place of their death, but you'll need an Elixir of Magic to get it from him. Enter the Initiate's Room if you'd like to get a Stone Spell Book (you must fight several Medusas to get it).

On Level 18, enter the sanctuary where Kolos is. Don't bother with the side doors; open the door at the end and take the Elixir of Youth from the pedestal. Two massive Spiders appear; kill them and collect the Potions of Strength they drop.

On Level 19, defeat the Medusas in the Vial Room and get the two Elixirs of Magic there. Return to the Library on Level 17 and get the Vial of Spirits from Atenus.

Return to Level 19 and find the Crystal Room. After you enter and defeat the Medusas inside, Kolos appears and steals the crystal! Find the Tomb of Kolos. Use the Vial of Spirits on his body, and he'll appear. Kill him to get the Crystal.


The Three Demons

Omar Crystal Quests [Levels 21-24]

Gober, leader of a band of Goblins, has stolen Gaetan's magic axe. Track him down, and kill the Goblin band to retrieve the axe. Search their camp for treasure, and then return to Gaetan, who gives you the Shield of Demons; you'll need it later.

Enter Level 21, where Trolls with massive clubs attack you. Head for the Road to Reason, in the center of the map. Use Magic Bomb or long-range weapons to take out the Skeleton Archers beyond; then use the nearby lever to open the gate. To reach the far side of this trap, run straight across quickly; the mines will go off after you pass, so don't stop until you get across. Strike the Demon statue to gain the Gem of Reason, and then either flee from or kill the Snakes that. Dash across the mines and out the gate. The mines will kill any Snakes that follow.

Descend to Level 22 and battle the Wyvern and Vampires to reach the Fires of Hell, a maze in the center of the map. Once you open the gate (using the lever in front of it), using a zigzag pattern to dodge your way through the gauntlet of fireballs. Hit the Demon statue to gain the Fire Gem, and then get out of there (a Teleportation spell comes in handy here).

Head down to Level 23 and find the center of the map. A Giant Worm is in the room you must enter; use Magic Bombs or other long-range spells or weapons to kill it through the gate; then open the gate with the levers on both sides. Enter and hit the statue to obtain the Gem of Courage. Kill the Snakes that appear, if you can, but your best bet is to run away- fast.

Get down to Level 24. Find the room in the center of the map where the three Gems of Hell belong. Kill the Skeletons inside before entering; then avoid the spike trap in the floor. Place the three Gems you have in the pillars. This opens the gate behind the Crystal. Get the demon helmet and put it on. Also equip the Shield of Demons Gaetan gave you. Get the Crystal to complete the dungeon.


The Circles

Omar Crystal Quests [Levels 21-24]

This Crystal quest is relatively short. Enter Level 21 (Gate of the Dead). Use the Teleport tiles in the Offerings Room to reach the Flower of Shade. Return to the Offerings Room via the Teleport tile and head down to Level 22. Enter the Offerings Room on this Level to use the Teleport tiles to access another Flower of Shade. Go down to Level 23 and repeat to get another Flower of Shade. Return to the dungeon entrance in Omar.

Place the three Flowers of Shade on the white circles behind the entrance. Now go to each Circle of Life on the overland map and collect the Flowers of Life. Take them back down to Level 24. Place them on the plots of ground around the Pyramid of Light. The central pyramid opens: grab the Crystal.

The Trial of the Damned

Omar Crystal Quests [Levels 21-24]

At the Level 21 entrance, you'll find the Guardian of the Damned- a Spectre with a message for you. He warns you to go away; when he attacks, kill him, get the Key of the Damned, and enter the dungeon.

On Level 21, search for the Cross of Crime. Use the Key of the Damned to open the door (keep the key); then have one character run the gauntlet of spikes to reach the cross. Use the Teleport tile to get out.

Descend to Level 22 and battle to the Cross of Punishment. Use your key to unlock the door. Again, have one character run the gauntlet. If you have a Teleport spell, use it to get the cross, instead.

Descend to Level 23 to find the Cross of Pardon. Get it the same way as the others and go down to 24. Give the three crosses to the Damned inside the cage. He'll attack you; after you kill him, search the body and get the Crystal he carried.


Luxorius the Vampire

Serkesh Crystal Quests [Levels 25-28]

Find the Level 25 entrance and talk to the Miller. Take his torch and enter the cellar. As you enter Level 25, search the storeroom and boxes for gold and potions, as well as a Rock Breaking Hammer. Take the hammer upstairs and find the Mad Rat's Camp. Use the hammer to break the rock blocking the entry and kill the Ratman to get the Vampire's Scepter. Return to Level 25 and enter the Teleporter to reach another storeroom.

Open the gate and talk to the apprentice. He turns into a Vampire; kill him. Don't break the barrels; there are Spiders behind them. Descend the stairs in the other storeroom to reach Level 26.

Level 26 features rooms with Evil Druids and Mana Wells. You needn't fight, so go down to Level 27, and then on to 28. Find Luxorius's lair and show the scepter to the guard. He opens the door so you can see Luxorius.

Give Luxorius his Scepter, but expect a double-cross. Luxorius has 1200 Life points, and there's no way around it- you must kill him. Use the multiple rooms in his lair to your advantage to bring him down. He'll teleport from room to room, especially when he's taking damage. Keep away from his attacks and grab the Crystal he drops when he dies.


The Council of Druids

Serkesh Crystal Quests [Levels 25-28]

Talk to Ubus the Druid outside the entrance to Level 25. He implores you to find his master in the dungeon. On Level 25, find the room with two statues inside and a column of light (the Statues of Arkhang). Talk to the dying Aeron. He tells you to stop the renegade Druids from destroying the Crystal by destroying the statues with the Holy Bow he gives you.

Head for Level 26. Find the Statue of Arkhang near the green pools. To destroy it, press and hold [SHIFT] as you shoot the Holy Bow. A shaft of light should appear where the statue stood.

Descend to Level 27 and find the next statue. Don't touch the Skeleton guard statues in the anteroom, or you'll awaken them. Get past the Teleport tiles (just run straight ahead) and enter Level 28.

The final statue you must destroy is being used in a ceremony by the renegade Druids. Find the Ceremonial Room. To destroy the last statue, have the character who won't be shooting stand outside (Solo mode). Run into the room and shoot the statue from as close to the door as you can. Once it's destroyed, run out and shut the door behind you (don't touch the Skeleton guard statues here, either).

Go back to Level 25, enter the Room of Lights and get the Crystal from the central podium.


The Number

Serkesh Crystal Quests [Levels 25-28]

Visit the Monk. He gives you a parchment with his vision written on it. As odd as it sounds, it will help you shortly. Take it to Menthall's house: Menthall is missing, but he may know the number that will retrieve the Crystal.

On Level 25, navigate the maze outside the Crystal Room, breaking any crates in the way and killing the Ratman Lords inside. Inside the Crystal Room, open the chests and get the goods. Ignore the Crystal; it's an illusion.

Go down to Level 26. Use the trip plates to open the door opposite the Crystal Room. Try to get the Crystal; you'll get four Potions of Surprise instead.

Go down to Level 27 and find the Crystal Chamber again. This one is false, too; take the prize and go down to 28. Deep within the dungeon, you'll find Menthall's corpse. Search his body for three clues to the Holy Number.

Find the Demon statue and the numbers in front of it. The Holy Number- 540- destroys the Demon statue and frees the final Crystal.


The Final Confrontation

Serkesh Crystal Quests [Levels 29-32]

Sebastian waits in a stone circle. Place the seven Crystals on the pedestals, and he'll reconstruct the Time Orb. You must use it to make Draak vulnerable so you can kill him.

Enter Level 29. If you need anything, search the level. Some decent items are stashed here and there. As quickly as you can, get down to Level 30. Follow the hall to the Level 31 entrance and go down as fast as you can to avoid serious damage.

Level 31 is a series of rooms that are traps. From the first, step on the Teleport tile to reach an area with a U-shaped ledge and two bridges that lead to two pillars. Cross the first bridge and step on the pillar; then follow the ledge and cross the second bridge to step on the next pillar.

This teleports you to a room with Scorpions and four fireball traps. Get out of the center of the room! Go to its north end to find three chests guarded by Scorpions. Open them to find two Potions of Vitality, one Youth potion, and a Spectre. Step on the Teleport tile here to reach another room.

The next room is very large and full of Spiders and Wyvern. Make your way across the room until you reach the Dragon's Lair. If you have a Teleport spell, use it to reach the treasury behind the throne; then go back to town and re-equip before taking on Draak.

Your final showdown with Draak will go fast if you use the Time Orb on him. Pound him once he's vulnerable; he'll drop, but with 3,500 Life points, don't expect it to be quick. To make matters worse, Mystical Wyvern will teleport into the room the entire time. Focus on Draak and allow the game's AI to choose targets for your long-range attacker. Control the Wizard or Warrior, if you have one, and hit Draak with all you've got. A Reflection spell will reflect Draak's fiery breath back at him.

Once Draak is dead, take the item he drops back to town and put it on the Darkstone to win the game. Enjoy the ending cut scene: you've earned it!



Balance your party. Never adventure with two identical Character Classes, unless you plan on changing the attributes of one significantly. Instead, try pairing a close-range fighter with a long-range attacker. This makes it easy for them to cover one another in most situations.

Cover your partner's weaknesses. Be aware of the other player's shortcomings and protect them whenever you can. Decide what your role is. One character should be the more magically inclined, learning spells and carrying potions, while the other concentrates on other items.

Duplicate crucial items in inventory. When a character dies, the surviving one will lose access to the Spell Scrolls or Potions their partner carried. For this reason, always keep Resurrection and Magic Door scrolls on each character to prevent them from getting stuck in a dungeon alone.

Give items to the character who needs them. Share information about your character's statistics, and decide together which character needs a new item. Don't get greedy; multiplayer games are about team survival, not about using the other player to help you build your character.

Use new characters for multiplayer. Because anything that happens to a character in multiplayer affects that character in single-player games, avoid using your "best" character in multiplayer games. If they die, and can't be resurrected, you'll have lost them for good.
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