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Válasz 01.07.07. 15:36 #6
Gyere már a ra hiányzik még 1 Westwood-os.
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Válasz 01.07.07. 15:26 #5
Az igaz. De ez akkor sem fair
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Válasz 01.07.07. 15:18 #4
De legalább megkapjátok a játék zenéjét CDn.
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Válasz 01.07.07. 14:39 #3
Magyarul ha már az üzletekben is lehet kapni, édesmindegy.
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Válasz 01.07.07. 13:28 #2
No comment. Vagy talán csak ennyi: Ezt a szívást!
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Válasz 01.07.07. 13:09 #1
Westwood Studios - 2001.07.06

Preorder units unlocked for everyone!
Posted: Friday, July 6, 2001
For all you online Emperor players who have been wondering when the three exclusive pre-sell units were going to be available to the masses, wonder no longer. Today's the day!

All copies of Emperor have been set to unlock the three pre-sell units at 12:01 a.m. July 6. So what are you waiting for? Go play with your new airborne toys and kick some serious butt online!

Here's a run-down of the three newly-unlocked units:

Atreides Air Drone - House Atreides specifically designed the Air Drone to operate as additional defense against air attacks. Although unable to strike anything on the ground, Air Drones are more than capable of destroying flying enemy units that enter their sphere of control.

Air Drones fly in a small circle, waiting for an enemy air unit to enter their range. When one does, they attack with powerful missiles. Air Drones make an excellent addition to base defenses but aren't strong enough to handle large assaults on their own.

Harkonnen ADP - The Air Defense Platform, or ADP, is a capable unit for House Harkonnen. It can attack both other aerial units and ground units. It hovers in place, waiting for anything to enter its range, then unleashes a torrent of fire that can eliminate any enemy air unit in a few seconds.

Ordos AA Mine - The Anti-Aircraft Mine is another interesting Ordos device that, upon use, destroys itself. Like the Air Drone and the ADP, the AA Mine is a defensive unit.

When enemy airpower enters the AA Mine's sphere of control, the mine explodes, emitting deadly shrapnel and missiles toward its target. Once used, you must replace the AA Mine. Its shrapnel and missiles are completely ineffective against ground-based targets

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