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»» Frank Herbert's Dune

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1984 levél
01.11.17. 17:57
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Directional keys: To move Paul and move around the various game menus.
Mouse: To move the camera around Paul (must be activated in the PREFERENCES)
Left-Mouse Click: To shoot, neutralize and us the VOICE.
Right-Mouse Click: Change to Target Mode (must be held down).
Mouse scroller or CTRL : To scroll through Paul's weapons.
SHIFT: Hold down to walk
ESC: CANCEL key. Pause the gameplay and access the Micromanual Mode.
ENTER: ACTION KEY - To engage in conversation with other characters - to roll at the base of a wall - to activate a mechanism. Also makes it possible to validate a choice in the menus.
BACKSPACE: To drink water and regenerate life.
F1: To display a list of the current objectives
Next stop, Wonderland.